Captain of the icepiercer (cookie run concept series)

Captain ice cookie


2 star, backline damage

“Not a single pirate shall escape my grasp.”

with a single wave of her arm, captain ice cookie fills the battlefield with cannonfire with the help of the mighty icepiercer


Entrance: the icepiercer appears with captain ice cookie on the helm then she jumps off the ship as it dissapears

Victory: captain ice cookie closes her eyes and smiles

Defeat: captain ice cookie takes a knee as she closes her eyes in defeat

Basic attack: captain ice cookie throws a ice bomb at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage and freezing the enemy for 5 seconds.


White: hoist the sails

The icepiercer glitches into the battlefield while Captain ice cookie is once again on the helm, she then waves one of her arms out which then the icepiercer’s cannon starts to fire ice cannonballs at every enemy in its sight, dealing x damage to each enemy that the cannonballs hit and freezing them for 5 seconds.

Green: captains command

Captain ice cookie calls her allies to not give up, this reduces the cooldown of all green and blue skills by 100% and also increases the attack speed of the two weakest allies for 100% which lasts for 10 seconds.

Blue: Anchors away

Boatswain anchor now fights alongside Captain ice cookie, Boatswain anchor has x health and deals x damage with his attack.

When Boatswain anchor is in the battlefield, he attacks by dropping a big ice anchor onto the enemy with the lowest max HP, this deals x damage to the foe, stuns them for x amount and also instantly breaks any shield that the enemy has.

Purple: never-melting ice

Captain ice cookie is now immune to being frozen by any source. if any enemy tries to freeze her, it will instead give Captain ice cookie a shield for x amount.

Red: Protect the seas

All freezes done by captain ice cookie or her allies now heals all allies for x amount while also giving captain ice cookie an armor boost for 5 seconds.

All attacks done to frozen allies are now 100% less powerful per amount of buffs that the frozen ally has before they get frozen.
+X skill power
+X reality negotiation
+X damage to “hoist the sails”


Captain ice cookie/captain amelia
Pirate hunt
more powerful cooldowns

The cooldowns from “captains command” now increases the power of the skills that have been cooldowned by 50%

Captain ice cookie/Elsa
Guardians of ice
freezing weakens armor

All freezes done by captain ice cookie now decreases armor from the frozen enemies.

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Glad that there are other cookie run players on the forums! Good concept bro!

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