Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Carl walks into the battlefield.
Victory: Carl smiles, jumps in excitement but then gets tired as his back hurts.
Defeat: Carl’s hearing aid breaks and Carl tries to fix it by hitting it.

Quote: “Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called See Who Can Be Quiet the Longest."

Basic attack: Carl hits enemies with his cane

White skill: Catch the Ball! :fist: (normal damage)
Carl throws a tennis ball from his cane to the furthest enemy, dealing X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds, then a pack of dogs follows the ball, dealing X damage as they move through enemies and increasing duration of all active debuffs on enemies by 5 seconds.

Green skill: House Landing :fist: (normal damage)
At the beginning of each battle, Carl lands on the battlefield in his house on enemies, dealing X damage to them and reducing their tenacity and evasion by 50 for 10 seconds.

Enemy with the highest skill power gets stunned for 10 seconds.

Blue skill: Cross the Heart
Carl crosses his Heart, increasing his armor by X for the remainder of the wave and tenacity by 100 for 12 seconds.
Carl also removes all his active debuffs and receives 3 stacks of hardy.

Purple skill: A New Adventure :fist: (normal damage)
Carl’s basic attacks deals also X damage over 8 seconds to a damaged enemy.

The first time each wave when Carl would be KO’d, he instead cleans from all negative effects, heals X HP and gains 500 energy and another 500 energy over 10 seconds.

Red skill: The Old Power
When Carl reaches 70% of his Max HP all of his armor and reality gets doubled and the duration of all active buffs increases by 10 seconds. Carl is immuned from buffs getting removed or stolen from him for first 5 seconds whenever a buff gets applied to him.
Removed debuffs from ‘‘Cross the Heart’’ are randomly applied to enemies.

Carl heals X HP and increasing his Max HP by 50% if he KO’d an enemy with ‘‘Catch the Ball!’’. Carl keeps 50% of the increased HP between waves.

The increased Max HP has a chance to fail if Carl is above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • +X damage to ‘‘Catch the Ball!’’


Russell - New Place, New Adventure


Ally Sharing Tenacity and Evasion

  • +X HP
  • +X reality to Carl and allies
  • Carl uses ‘‘Cross the Heart’’ at the beginning of each wave
  • Ally with the highest tenacity shares 18% of their tenacity with an ally with the lowest tenacity; if two or more allies have same lowest tenacity then among these allies whose HP is lowest will receive tenacity (+18% tenacity)
  • Ally with the highest evasion shares 18% of their evasion with an ally with the lowest evasion; if two or more allies have same lowest evasion then among these allies whose HP is lowest will receive evasion (+18% evasion)

Scrooge McDuck - Old Style Adventure


Effective Come-Back

  • +X Max HP to Carl and allies
  • +X SP to Carl and allies
  • Allies are healed by X HP when Carl revive
  • When Carl uses revive from ‘‘A New Adventure’’ allies are also cleaned from negative effects
  • After Carl revive from ‘‘A New Adventure’’ Carl and allies has increased by 20% their basic damage and skill power (+20% basic damage and skill power)

Ammm, he’s kinda OP.
Really OP.
Too much effects for every skill


Just as with Toaster, literally no stats were given.

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