Casey, Jr.'s Back. Casey Jr. hero concept

Casey Jr. is coming down the hill and into battle to bring much needed support for his allies.

Quote: “all aboard let’s go”


Row: back

Entrance: Casey chugs on to the battlefield

Victory: Casey Jr. lifts himself into air a whistles

Defeat: Casey tries to move forward only to be held back by the cargo

Basic attack: Casey will move forward and damage the enemy

White skill: ALL ABORD
Casey will run forward followed by the cargo damaging all enemies in his way. He is invincible while he uses this.

Green skill: I THINK I CAN
Casey will whistle to heal his team and boost confidence.

Casey Jr. will be able to return to the battlefield after being defeated.

Purple skill: HAPPY-HEARTED
Casey has a chance to heal his team to max when he uses “I think I can”

Casey is has a chance to K.O the enemy when he uses “all aboard”

Friend: basil

Campaign name: train of thought

Story: basil assumes that Casey (given that he often goes around the city) might know a bit about the thief running everywhere and they go to see all the places the thief went to and also where Casey has been to.

Allies: Mickey, woody, and Aladdin (all characters who you would expect to know a lot about their surroundings and who like journeys)

Friend: goofy

Campaign name: train wreck of a trip

Story: goofy wants Casey to take him around the town but Casey still needs to make deliveries but offers to take goofy and also do his job.

Allies: Tiana, Snow White, and the giant magnet (if he gets in) (all of them like working and helping out)

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