Celia Mae Concept Requested By @Defender_Momo_LV

This concept was requested by @Defender_Momo_LV! Enjoy!

Celia Mae
:star: Mid-line Control
Team: Yellow

“Sushi! Sushi! You think this is about sushi!”

The receptionist of Monsters Inc. uses her snake charming skills to harm foes.


Entrance: Walks in while talking on her headset, then takes it off and puts it away.

Victory: Celia and her snakes smile.

Defeat: Celia looks mad and her snakes rattle their tails.


Basic Attack: Celia hits an enemy. If she has at least one stack of snake, the snake bites the enemy.

White Skill: Get ‘Em Girls


Normal Damage :fist:
Passive: With each basic attack, Celia Mae gains one stack of Snake. When Celia Mae gains a stack of Snake, a snake will appear on her head. Each snake deals X damage with the basic attack. Celia Mae can have a maximum of 5 stacks of Snake.

Active: Celia Mae’s snakes will hiss, scaring all enemies for 7 seconds. The snakes will then bite the closest enemy, dealing X damage per stack of Snake Celia Mae has for 10 seconds. This consumes all stacks of Snakes Celia Mae has.

Green Skill: Please Hold


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave when Celia takes of her headset, she throws it at the enemy with the highest basic damage. This deals X damage and stuns them for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill: The Worst Night


The first time Celia uses Get ‘Em Girls and consumes her stacks of snakes, she puts a cone on her head. This heals her for X over 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: Snake Charmer


Whenever and enemy that has more than X basic damage attacks Celia, that enemy is charmed for 8 seconds. Celia can charm an enemy every 10 seconds.

The charm can fail if the enemy is above level X.

Red Skill: Not The Scarer


Allies scares last 20% longer. Whenever an enemy is disabled, they lose 50% of their Armor and Reality for the duration of the disable.
+Y Max HP
+Z Reality


Celia Mae and Mike Wazowski
Campaign: Googley-Bear and Schmootsie-Pooh
Disk: Romantic Evening- disables last -15% longer plus 15% per star.
Description: Mike and Celia go on a date.
Allies: Elastigirl, Megara, Minnie Mouse

Celia Mae and Hades
Campaign: Head Of A Gorgon
Disk: Greek Tragedy- Charmed enemies have their movement speed slowed by 20% plus 10% per star for 5 seconds after the charm wears off.
Description: Hades tries to recruit Celia Mae
Allies: Barbossa, Jack Skellington, Hiro

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Feedback is appreciated

I don’t think Celia has the ability to grow her “hair” like that. And, if you think about it, how will she look bald?

Weak. It’s better to scare all enemies… and for longer.

Make her damage Fantastic. That way her scares make more sense in her skillset and potential synergy with other scarers.

How will she lose her snakes? It isn’t like you can just have them cut off… it’d be gory.

I don’t think she’ll be willing to

Umm… Jafar…?

I’d remove the variable from here. Because if you level up this skill it wouldn’t benefit you.

Too long

Why not Reality?

Just one

Rather attractive imo :smirk:


More like they would be asleep or something and then when she would gain a stack of snake one of them would wake up or something like that.

They would just fall back asleep.


Yes I love it! Celia needs to be added!

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Then just say that :man_shrugging:

But try to make the concept based on what she does, not what you want her to do

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