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Hello people of the forums. The Library of Concepts is now open! It may be a little empty now, but I promise it will fill up with concepts in the future. This is where you can view my character concepts and request concepts you want me to make. I will make sure that I keep it up to date and organized. Names in blue are created and names in white will be coming in the future that I plan to do.



Ian Lightfoot



Sleeping Beauty

Flora, Fauna, And Merryweather

Prince Phillip


Lion King

Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed



Toy Story That Time Forgot

Reptillus Maximus

Mickey And Friends

Pete requested by @Grim_grinning_Ghost

Inside Out

Disgust Requested by @Xavier_The_Great

Pending Suggestions

Leave suggestions below!

Other Fun Stuff

Elimination Game


The Librarians Series

Flynn Carsen

Eve Baird

Cassandra Cillian

Jacob Stone

Ezekiel Jones



I have a suggestion, Pete from Mickey Mouse


Yeah, I will refresh him. I made one before but we will not speak of that.


Looking forward to the other Sleeping Beauty ones!

They will be coming later this week or early next week.

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Take your time, so they’ll get good.

I know, I don’t want repeats of my first concepts.

You mean Reworks?

No my first concepts were awful. I don’t want to make anymore like those.

Mine too😂

Good idea! :sweat_smile::joy:

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Bruh, my concepts at first were so bogus

Everyone has to start somewhere, you just have to pick yourself up if you fall down.

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Mine were bad. I did refresh them, but they still are not that great. Most of us remember how bad our first concepts were, but we have improved.


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Can you do Disgust from Inside Out?

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Cool, Lion King concepts :grin:


  1. Prince Phillip has been added.
  2. There will be upcoming friendship stories for my concepts in the future.
  3. Reptillus Maximus has been added- This was also my entry for the Pixar Short Contest.
  4. Pete Hero Concept Added.

I am a huge fan of elimination games and have been thinking of doing one.I am aware that there are numerous elimination games here, but would you guys enjoy it if I started an elimination game?

  • Yes
  • No

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What will the elimination game be about

We already have like, three going on so far.

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