Challenger Seasons Going Global!

Polaris until when updated

Jesus christ, i went from getting 650 diamonds from both Coliseum and Arena, down to 340 diamonds. And i’ll have to keep being in top 3, for 3 weeks in a row, to ever have a chance to get to my regular rewards. And the weekly rewards do not compensate for anything, it’s just another 400-500 million gold required to make the character good, and virtually no gold. It’s approximately 1 or 2 level(s) for maxing out characters. Great.


Arena key issue got some in mail but key count 0

Do the extra keys that were given out , go back to zero after the 1st week ends or do we get to keep them for whole month @Polaris

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you get a new set of keys each week; they don’t carry over

@Polaris I have a suggestion for challenger seasons. Can we add an attack log for each mode so we can see all attacks done through the week, heroes on both side and achieved score per attack . Would be very useful in tracking which teams scored highest against each opponent and build on that.
If keeping all attacks is a lot to store, then at least the (most current) best score attack per opponent would do.


You can see the score next to each person you have attacked

While it’s not perfect, a workaround for this is the team-saving feature (yes, I forgot it existed too :smile:) it still takes a bit of remembering which team was for which opponent, but it’s better than nothing

But currently I can’t see which team I used to get that score.
I do save the teams, but with 9 members in my division, I can’t tell which is which.
I also wish we can add labels to saved teams.

It’s good when you see only your attacks.

Enemy attacks pls not. Score, why not, but not which toons are used.

Yes, Only my attacks, my lines for best score I got vs each player.

I just don’t see the point in it. Memorizing a team isn’t going to help you in pvp…it’s about your teams synergy and counters.

How do the Division Rules work? @Polaris
For this new Arena Challenger mechanic, does the reduction in Blue team HP only apply to the Attacking team or the Defending team as well?
Same question for increased Normal Crit chance I suppose. :man_shrugging:


I am on Server 21.
The fight point bonuses are NORMAL damage and KNOCK BACK.
After doing some data gathering, and analyzing the point system, this is what we ended up with:
Knockback : 2 pts per knockback
Normal Damage: 50 * (# enemy heroes) * (% BD damage overall)

So if someone has a defense with 1 hero per line, you can get a maximum of 150 bonus points.
Is PerBlue encouraging people to not put 5 heroes per line with this point system??
@Polaris please give some insights on why the points are based on number of heroes in defense lineup!

You should read how it works in-game, it affects both, you and enemy.

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it could be ‘# enemy heroes killed’, which is similar but makes more sense in terms of not being an obvious exploit. Or more likely, I’d think it would be total damage done - which of course is less if only 1 hero is used.

They’ve said that a fix is coming soon for this :slight_smile:

It is not total damage done, it scales with percentage of Basic damage done.
Do you have a link to the comment about a fix coming soon?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the “obvious” place where this must reside in game.
I have looked in the Rules section in Arena along with the “i” information instructions. I even checked the Help page in Support.
Where is this “how it works” section that you speak of?

Tutorial, as you first time get to challenger league.
It describe it affect both.

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