Change the hero rotation! ! ! !!




how long rose needs to be in pityful guild crate??
it’s useless and this strategy makes it even worse.

new heroes should be immediately in diamond crates/wish crates. shameful and extremely annoying.
was said in feedback for YEARS AND NOTHING WAS DONE!!!
After 2nd new hero drops, they should be in gold crates as well.

New hero A: battle pass for 2 months
New Hero B: hero A available in diamond and wish crates for 2 months
New hero C: hero A available in gold crates too, hero B becomes available in diamond and wish crates
And so on

vip crate is also useless, same about for guild crate. should drop consumables not 5k gold. omg.

@TheGrillFather @Cherry_VII


I would have said guild crates is a great place for a toon to be, if your guild is regularly hiring mercs or some purchase you often reach max guild coins. The amount I get from Excalibur is insane and there is maybe 1-5 people who spend. The rest is mercs.

Guild crate for me seems a lot easier to get rose chips than elite or diamond or wish??


If guild is high placed, most of others aren’t in same position.

Aren’t you in a higher guild than mine? :roll_eyes:

They won’t listen about stamina! What makes you think they will change another thing that brings the $$$ to favor players? I don’t Understand why people don’t understand that. I’ve given up on the game, so my hopes aren’t high unfortunately. Guild crate is fine, no reason to give more room for another Luz fiasco. All yall calling for change don’t understand that changes usually screw us all over

For a non spender, Diamond and wish crates would actually be harder to get that guild crates, as long as they’re in an active guild. 🤷


diamond and wish crates are in contests and battle pass, and other events, at least they EXIST, new players can’t unlock dante, shere khan, or eda. also with that can’t do luz’s eda disk. aaaaaaaamazing.

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But what does this have to do with Rose being in guild crate?

so your actual annoyance is that Shere, Eda are still classed as event toons, and Luz is battle pass - which if you can easily get wish crates and diamond crates from, you can easily get Luz.

I don’t really think that there’s an issue here with hero rotation. You can’t really blame perblue for new people joining Server 1 instead of the newer servers, and expecting to be able to have everything… Bring them out of event only sooner maybe, but realistically I don’t see guild crate as an unfair crate for those toons to end up in. I get more guild coins than I do wish crates or diamond. And if I’m a new member I’m probably not in a guild completing contests to get those rewards anyway.


this wasn’t a very well written post if you are acting on the behalf of others as their spokesperson.

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I’m not talking about those toons which are unavailable, they need to be easier to get. But guild crates -which rose is locked behind- are way easier to get than wish crate/diamonds. How many does battle pass free tier give? 580 diamond crates. Which you aren’t guaranteed that specific toon. Contest rewards? 10 wish crates for tiering, and 40 for top 10%, which if they’re f2p, won’t get.

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That’s Musk. Thinks he is the official spokesperson for the whole community, while he is just one of the loudest

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Because nothing was changed. With new candace new rotation takes 2 years for hero to become farmable.

But those of us who have those toons, had to put in some work to get them.

I’m not disagreeing that it would be nice, but I just don’t see any issue with guild crate. Those are much easier accessed than hitting progress in contests to reach the rewards….

Would I like Eda and Shere to be available? Yes. But they come in events and that’s the way the game works.

I missed out when I first started playing on many toons, just had to be patient and wait.

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Because nothing was changed. With new candace new rotation takes 2 years for hero to become farmable.

honestly this is wildely exaggerated seeing as negaduck came in June and he was recently added to wish and dime crates less than a year (7 months ish)

Tbh the system is fine as it is, don’t change anything, it gives an incentive to have players log in and play the game which is probably a good idea as a game maker. If they just hand out free toons there is absolutely no meaning or value to it.

Quote messed up

Why do you think it didn’t take much time for Negaduck to come into diamond crates?

Oh right, because the change in rotation and hero cadence didn’t take place until he was already near his rotation to diamond crate. Other heroes aren’t so lucky.

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Shere wasn’t since release.

New players which came for Luz had no chance to get Eda.

What solely guild crate? Amazing keep Rose for 6 months there. And others just in deals, very good for new players.

Pleasing players who only joined the game for a single toon doesn’t seem economically justifiable.

Where have I said that specifically rose should stay in guild crate? I’m simply saying that the guild crate is a great place for new toons to end up because I find they are much more accessible to new players - work a bit in your guild and hire mercs and request for yours to be hired and you can buy the guild crates using the tokens that literally only function for that purpose.

Put in diamond crates and not only now am I using diamonds for stamina, I’d need to consider using some I don’t want to on diamond crates? Not so great for established existing players.

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And then you fail to keep any new players and keep losing old players. Amazing.

Multi Raid being VIP4 is also one of huge things pushing new players away from dhbm.

But it’s a one hero, everyone else in exclusive rotation has no good source to get them, idk what do you miss to understand. And now guild crate is way too long as well.

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If a new player joins solely for a single toon, they weren’t going to hang around long anyway.

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Who said players should spend diamonds on diamond crates? Musketeer has almost always said to not do that sort of thing. He already pointed out ways that you could get diamond crates without spending diamonds on them. Though I do agree that compared to Guild Crates, Diamond Crates and Wish Crates would be harder to come by, and that new players wouldn’t be able to complete Contests so easily…

So maybe Guild Crates could be kept, but the other crates? Probably not, they aren’t that useful.

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