Changes to the Battle Pass (Diamond Quest)

Changes to the Battle Pass (Diamond Quest)

Hello everyone! We’re going to be making big updates to the Battle Pass (currently called Diamond Quest). The brand new Battle Pass will be starting on June 1st, but to make that happen we will need to end the current Diamond Quest early beginning with the 4.0 update. You will be receiving the rewards from that so no worries you won’t be missing out on anything! If you have the Premium Diamond Quest you will get all the rewards for both the Free and Premium tracks and if you don’t then you will get all the rewards for the Free track.

The rewards will go straight to you after you log in for the first time after the 4.0 update.

Here is a sneak peak of what the new Battle Pass will look like (this is not final and can change):

We’ll have more information for you closer to when the new Battle Pass is ready to start and we think you’re going to love it!


Looks good @Loutre. I can tell that this will be very interesting for your 4th anniversary. :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy crap we’re finally going to get diamonds in diamond quest.


I am surprised how little paid Premium seem to get I got to say.

Like I would think paid Premium would have start value of 5 Badge Booster Crates and 5 Cosmetics Crates rather than just 1 per unit at the start.

Not sure if there are supposed to be anything the second or forth slot in the paid Premium range, but yeah I don’t think that’s a good business choice as that will likely make the Battle Pass seem to have less value than otherwise, so likely good to fill them with something even if not super high value wise.

Anyway, thought I give some feedback based on logic :-).
I am an F2P myself so not going to buy it either way, but yeah I have taken a school course that had sales as a part of the curriculum, so I do understand how to make a product seem appealing value wise to the customer.

So yeah, will be interesting to see how the new Diamond Quest/Battle Pass goes :-).


Honestly, that Disk Power already makes me say the new pass is better :sweat_smile:
We’ll see how things turn out to be when they arrive, but looks promising at the moment. Not a game changer, but a slight nice thing to have.

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Well yeah the free part is obviously better than the 2/4 diamond crates we get now

Idk about the bought part since I don’t spend but it does look pretty meh from that pic

It’s look amazing! Can’t wait for the 4th anniversary.

The free rewards looks better agreed
However I am concerned about the premium portion for 1. Way less diamonds seem to given compares to the current system, which makes it less attractive and 2. No hero chips? This was a nice way of getting a bit of extra hero chips for difficult to get heroes, again less attractive to get premium.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.
I bet it will be a blast!:+1:

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Just a reminder as said in the post. This is just to show what it looks like none of the rewards are final.


As said in the post, this isn’t final. This is just showing what it will look like. There will be things in all slots, but again this is not the final rewards.


There will be hero chips. As said above, this is not final.


The Free track looks like a decent improvement on what we currently have; nothing to get excited over, perhaps, but a nice bonus for consistently doing daily quests. As I’ve never paid for the Premium track and don’t have an interest in doing so in the future, I feel I really shouldn’t offer feedback on that. There is one thing in this image that really stands out to me, though:

The counter in the top right corner reads “7/9”.

So, why will the Battle Pass require fewer Daily Quests to be completed for each reward? Will each iteration of the Battle Pass be on a shorter cycle (say, four weeks or 30 days, or even a calendar month)? Will there be a lower limit to the number of quests counted as progress in the Battle Pass daily? Will there be more rewards offered? I’m curious.

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And as said above and in the post, the rewards are not final. This is just to show what it will look like.


Yeah I know, just thought I give some feedback to improve the Battle Pass as a product to make it more appealing to buy the Premium option :-).

There’s no way :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

l’m excited!

I am so excited thankfully

Of course they will. They released a hero every anniversary.

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I’m not so sure this is a good idea, my other favorite mobile game also has something similar.

But at least they grant special items not available elsewhere to make the expenditure worthwhile.
Also, note the exclusive cosmetic skin above the words Premium Pass.

So your version of the Battle Pass would have to employ a similar reward program to make it worth investing in.

Also, please note that exchange rate is a factor, the Apple store sets policies that change the cost, for the one above, I have to pay $15 compared to everyone else paying $10.

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