"Chaotic Concert" Max Goof/Powerline Friendship Campaign

Hey, everyone! This is my submission for @Rinoxeronte’s friendship campaign contest (finally)! Since A Goofy Movie is one of my favorite Disney movies (as evidenced by my avatar and profile name :crazy_face:), I decided to do a campaign for my Max Goof concept!

Max Goof/Powerline
Campaign: “Chaotic Concert”

Max Goof and Powerline are now friends!

Powerline: Hey. You’re Max, right?

Max: POWERLINE?! I, um… I…

Powerline: Goofy told me you were a huge fan of mine. It’s nice to finally meet you.

Max: I… he… faints

Powerline: … Max?

Friendship Campaign: “Chaotic Concert” started!

Powerline: Hey, Max!

Max: Powerline?! Um, I mean… what’s up?

Powerline: What would you say if I got you a backstage pass to my next concert?

Max: A… a what???

Episode 1: “Special Offer”

1-1: Powerline repeats his offer to Max of a backstage pass to his next concert.
1-2: Before he can say anything else, Max readily accepts the offer.
1-3: Happy to hear the news, Powerline hands two backstage passes. Wait, two?
1-4: Powerline explains that the second backstage pass is for Goofy, as thanks for helping him out of a funk a while ago.
1-5: Max takes the passes with slight hesitation.

Powerline: See you both at the concert, Max!

Max: Yeah… us both…

Episode 2: “Father Fears”

2-1: Reluctantly, Max gets on his skateboard and heads home.
2-2: On the way, he passes by the CPD, where Judy Hopps and Dash are standing outside.
2-3: Dash says hi to Max and Judy, noticing his slight panic, asks what’s going on.
2-4: Max pulls out the backstage passes and explains the situation to the two of them.
2-5: True to his name, Max’ father has a reputation for being… goofy.

Judy: I don’t know, Max. I think it’s great that you and your dad get this opportunity to bond!

Dash: But dads can be embarrassing! And their jokes are so cheeeeeeesy!

Judy: You’re not helping, Dash…

Max: Sighs.

Episode 3: “Night of the Concert”

3-1: Judy tells Max not to worry about his father. After all, what’s really the worst that could happen?
3-2: Max thanks Judy for the encouragement, but leaves still unsure of what’ll happen.
3-3: When he gets home, he shows his dad the passes.
3-4: Goofy can’t wait until the concert! Max
3-5: On the night of the concert, Powerline greets the both of them at the door.

Powerline: Hey guys! Glad you could make it!

Goofy: Of course! We would never miss an opportunity to see you in concert! Isn’t that right, Maxie?

Max: Obviously! But Dad, please stop calling me “Maxie”…

Episode 4: “Tour Troubles”

4-1: Powerline has just enough time to give Max and Goofy a quick tour of the venue before he has to get to rehearsal.
4-2: As they walk around the stage, Goofy gets his foot caught in some wires.
4-3: As he tries to get his foot out of the wiring, he falls and gets himself tangled in some more wires.
4-4: Max can only look in embarrassment and horror as Goofy only gets himself more and more tangled in the wires.
4-5: At a certain point, he gives up and walks away from the scene. Powerline follows him.

Max: Gah, this is so embarrassing!

Max: Here I am, backstage at a concert held by my IDOL, and my dad is messing everything up!

Powerline: Hey, Max, it’s no big deal.

Powerline: We’ll get your dad out of the wires and everything will be fine.

Episode 5: “A Rough Start”

5-1: Luckily, the crew manages to get Goofy out of the wires.
5-2: The incident means that Powerline no longer has time to finish the tour.
5-3: Clawhauser offers to finish the tour for him while he gets to rehearsal.
5-4: The rest of the tour goes pretty smoothly… much to Max’s surprise.
5-5: Finally, the concert starts. Powerline opens the night with “Stand Out”.

Goofy: Oh boy! The concert’s finally started!

Goofy: Say Maxie, what do you say you and I go dance with the crowd?

Max: Dad, please don’t…

Episode 6: “Get Goofy”

6-1: Ignoring Max’s pleas, Goofy hops into the middle of the crowd and starts dancing.
6-2: Things start off okay, with Goofy dancing alongside the rest of the crowd.
6-3: However, Goofy starts accidentally slipping and bumping into people.
6-4: Max can’t watch any more and storms out of the building to sulk.
6-5: A brief intermission is held and Powerline uses the time to talk to Max.

Powerline: You know, Max, I’m not mad about everything that happened with your dad tonight.

Max: You’re not? Because somedays I wish my father was more normal.

Powerline: Are you kidding? Your dad was the one who taught me that it’s okay to not be normal!

Max: He… he did?

Powerline: Yeah! He told me that being “not normal” means that you’re really special.

Powerline: And you certainly can’t get any more “not normal” than someone named Goofy!

Max: Yeah… I guess you’re right.

Powerline: So how about getting back in there and joining your dad on the dance floor?

Episode 7: “Creep Crash”

7-1: Max realizes that Powerline is right and decides to head back inside and join his dad.
7-2: But when they head back into the building, they find the place has been infiltrated by creeps!
7-3: Max uses his skateboard to maneuver past some Mages and get to his dad.
7-4: He finds Goofy taking on some Ninjas and assists him.
7-5: They manage to clear out the creeps rather quickly and with almost no damage to the theatre.

Max: Dad, I’m sorry I got mad.

Goofy: Aw, that’s okay, Maxie! As long as we get to enjoy the concert together, that’s all that matters to me!

Goofy: Now what do you say we let Powerline continue singing and you and I can dance together?

Max: That sounds great, Dad!

Powerline: Alright everyone, now that all of the creeps have been cleared out, we can continue on with the concert!

Episode 8: “Dance Dance Resolution”

8-1: After a little cleanup, Powerline continues his performance.
8-2: Although he is still slightly hesitant to, Max joins his dad on the dance floor.
8-3: Goofy bumps into people a couple of times still, but he and Max just laugh about it.
8-4: Powerline closes out the night with his hit song “I2I”.
8-5: As people start to leave, Powerline takes a moment to speak to Max.

Powerline: I take it you enjoyed the concert, Max?

Max: Yeah! That was the most awesome concert ever!

Powerline: Glad you enjoyed it! I hope the both of you can come to the next one!

Max: Yeah… yeah! The both of us!

Friendship Campaign “Chaotic Concert” complete!

I know it’s not a traditional campaign where most of the dialogue is focused on the 2 main characters, but I’m proud of the result regardless.


Here’s a hint for an upcoming concept of mine (a couple of you already know who it is):
:house: :house: :house:
:large_blue_circle: :lion: :bow_and_arrow:


Well we know what this is.



Ah yes, my favorite character in “The Three Little Pigs”, the Big Bad Lion. With a bow. :crazy_face:


Its the big bad wolf not lion who posted it clearly didnt found a wolf emojy

Or maybe it isn’t the big bad wolf and it has to do with a lion.

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Also it was a joke.

Anyways the character is

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Who’s Summary? :thinking:


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My dog.


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This row could look like Prince John, in my opinion, because he was Robin Hood’s nemesis.

Myeong is making a concept of your dog? :open_mouth:

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Yes! He does nothing special. :grin:

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Just woke up to this discussion and :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.





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This is amazing! I loved how you called back to the Powerline/Goofy friendship with the “not normal” angle. It’s so wholesome. And the dialogue is so rich! It feels like it’s straight from the game. Amazing job! Hope this gets in the contest!


Oh, I forgot to add this yesterday, but credit to @Just_Phal for providing me screenshots of the various Friendship Campaigns Powerline is in to use as reference when writing his dialogue since my units are not at high enough levels to be able to go through any of those campaigns myself yet.

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I knew there was a Powerline/Goofy reference

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