Max Goof Likely Concept

Hey everyone! This is my likely submission for @Scarlet_Captain’s concept contest, and it’s a character I really want to come to this game: the one and only Max Goof!

Max Goof
Source: A Goofy Movie
Max Goof
Description: Goofy’s son, ready to don his Powerline costume and ride his skateboard to take care of enemies.

Quote: “You can keep the moves, but I wouldn’t mind having this R.V. You’re so lucky."

Trial Team: Red

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Stars: :star:

Entrance: Max rides to his position on his skateboard, then puts it away.

Basic attack: Max punches.

Victory: Max cheers excitedly.

Defeat: Max faints and falls backwards.

White - Stand Out (Fantastic Damage)
Max dons his Powerline costume and dances, dealing X damage to all enemies and blinding them for 10 seconds.

Green - Skateboard Shuffle (Normal Damage)
Max gets on his skateboard and rides across the battlefield, dealing X damage and knocking back enemies he hits.

Blue - The Perfect Cast
Max pulls out a fishing rod and casts it at the farthest enemy, moving them to the frontline, stunning them and reducing their armor by X for 8 seconds.

Purple - Skills To The Max
Max gains X skill power each time an enemy is knocked back or he uses “The Perfect Cast”. Max keeps 50% of this skill power buff from wave to wave.

Red - Not Just a Goof (Fantastic Damage)
Max is untargetable while performing “Skateboard Shuffle”.
“Stand Out” also removes all active buffs from enemies and deals X bonus damage to each enemy per buff removed.
+X Basic Damage
+X Armor
+X Damage to “Skateboard Shuffle”

Max Goof/Powerline
Campaign: “Chaotic Concert” - Powerline offers Max and Goofy a backstage pass to his next concert. Max, however, doesn’t want to be seen at the concert with his dad. (Allies: Goofy, Chief Bogo, Wall-E)

Disk: “Backstage Pass” - Weaken Blinded Enemies
+X Basic Damage to Max and allies
Enemies lose X Skill Power while Blinded
Blinded enemies deal 12% less damage (+12% per star).

Max Goof/Jim Hawkins
Campaign: “Family Matters” - While hanging out at the Park, Max, Jim, and some others discuss their family lives. (Allies: Barley Lightfoot, Ian Lightfoot, Hiro Hamada)

Disk: “Parental Guidance” - Team Starts Combat With Energy
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power
Max and his allies are granted 60 Energy at the start of each wave. (+60 Energy per star).

Hope you guys enjoy!


Great concept!! I would love to see Max in the game! And that friendship with Jim is spot on!

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What is the point of reducing SP when stunned? They cannot use skills!

But yeah, everything else is great! :grin:

Thanks! The Powerline one was an obvious choice, but coming up with a second friendship for Max was hard. I had to really think about that one. :sweat_smile:


Well, it makes so much sense due to their daddy issues as Max is embarrassed by his dad, and Jim’s dad left him as a child. I could just imagine them having this heartfelt convo with each other and whoever else is gathered at the park!

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Changed the Skill Power removal from “The Perfect Cast” to an Armor removal.

(Would’ve done this sooner, but couldn’t due to the contest.)

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