Character Concept: Tamatoa, The King Crabcake


Hello all. Kinokan back for another character concept. With Villaintines Day around the corner what better than make a concept for a Villain. I haven’t done a Villain concept since my first attempt with Dr. Facilier and I would like to think I have improved since then. Now without further ado, Tamatoa from Moana.

Tamatoa is a front line tank who, thanks to his shell and all the treasure mounted upon it can take quite the beating while able to dish out some pain of his own.

Now Tamatoa wasn’t always this glam, I was a drab little crab once, now I know I can be happy as a clam, because I’m beautiful baby!

Tamatoa enters in admiring his shell before noticing the enemies raising up his claws in defense.

Tamatoa celebrates with having his shell reflecting thw lights around him creating a disco ball-esque effect.

Tamatoa gets knocked onto his back and flails about before admitting defeat.

Tamatoa swipes and pinches foes for his basic attacks.

Estimated stats at lvl 80 3* P3:
HP: 40k
Basic Damage: 3000
Skill Power: 1200
Armor: 4300
Reality: 900
Armor Negation: 75
Normal Crit: 90
Tenacity: 90
Conservation: 15%

BD: Basic Damage
SP: Skill Power
SL: Skill Level

White Skill: Immortal Shell
Passively: 75% of Tamatoa’s HP is converted into a shield. This shield doesn’t expire unless it is broken. Shields can be stacked onto Immortal Shell at half of their capacity. Tamatoa does not get any buffs tied to shields. Once Immortal Shell is broken Tamatoa cannot be shielded for the rest of the wave.

Actively: Tamatoa charges his shell into the front most target dealing damage equal to 10% of Immortal Shell’s capacity. Knocking them back and stunning them for 4 seconds. Stun has a chance to fail against enemies lvl X=SL+1

Green Skill: I’m so Shiny!
Tamatoa uses his shell to shine light on the battlefield revealing all invisible enemies. Reveal has a chance to fail against Lvl X=SL+1

Blue Skill: Free Food
Tamatoa stomps the ground calling down fish to fall into his mouth. Granting himself 250 energy and (.25SP)+(25SL) Armor and Reality for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: The Realm of Monsters
Upon having his Immortal Shell broken Tamatoa goes berserk with his bioluminescence shining through. Granting himself 100% attack speed. His rage over having his shell broken also makes his attacks ignore shields and do true damage equal to 10% of his target’s shield. Shiled ignore and true damage has a chance to fail against enemies Lvl X=SL+41

Friendship Disks

DS: Disk Stars
DL: Disk Level

Lvl 98 Maleficent
Spiky Shell
850+75DL HP
Immortal Shell now reflects 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% at 1-5DS of damage taken.
Other Allies: Baymax, Violet, Calhoun

Lvl 94 Ursula
Hermit Crab
100+20DL armor to all non-tank allies
Anytime an ally is shielded grant the team 10/20/30/40/50 energy at 1-5 DS. Effect is double if Tamatoa is the only Tank.
Other Allies: Wall-E, Scar, DWD

Let me know what you all think of Tamatoa. I’m always trying to do new things with my concepts, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I would love to answer any questions you guys have about the concept and answer it to the best of my ability. Been working on this post for about 2 days. Remember to keep the discussion civil! :smiley:

Kinokan's Character Concept Super Post

Dude, Dis is Amazing! Really well done @Kinokan.

Also, I just want to say dat the Green skill is very creative. No character can do dis, so dis would be very useful against enemies dat can be invisible.


I must say, Kinokan, your concepts are some of my favorites. The details, the unique skills, and the general design and variety are what’s making these heroes so great.


Love the concept!!! I had my doubts about having this character in game but I can definitely picture him. :grin:

However, his blue skill, does the armor and reality last till the end of the wave or for a certain amount of time or what?

Thhat is my only question.


Huh that is an oversight on my part. I meant to have that be an 8 second buff but had forgotten to state as such. My apologies on that front. I will edit that for clarification. Many thanks @Champion_David.




While I get that DWD is an apparent counter to Tamatoa, a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. DWD has no innate shield counter in his kit. The only reason he is used as one is because of his friendship disk with Nick.

  2. His disk does not work as intended. It is only meant to be a 25% chance, not the 100% that it is bugged out to be right now.

  3. Since the shield is Tamatoa’s health converted into a shield I don’t see it being affected by DWD/Nick disk. I think the interacrion should also not work for other innate shields like Cal/Vi and Nick/Judy.