Kinokan's Character Concept Super Post


This is going to be a topic solely for the concepts I have made over the few months. Links will be posted and added on as I make more of these. This is NOT a suggestion topic. Every Character I conceptualize takes time and research to bring in as many references to their source material. As such these things take time and I generally don’t make more than one a month at most. Links will be listed in order of creation and will have the date at which they were first released. Feel free to discuss your favorites of the characters I’ve made and talk about what you think makes it a good/bad concept. Of course you can go to the original post and keep the discussion focused there. I will also make a reply to this topic when a new concept is released. All in all I hope you enjoy these.

Character Concept: Dr. Facilier, The Shadow Man. Made 9/23/18

Character Concept: Fa Mulan, The Hero of China. Made 10/11/18

Character Concept: Elsa and Marshmallow, The Ice Queen and The Abominable Snowman. Made 10/17/18

Character Concept: Simba, The King of Pride Rock. Made 11/29/18

Character Concept: Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Made 12/9/18

Character Concept: Rapunzel, The Princess of Corona. Made 12/31/18

Character Concept: Tamatoa, The King Crabcake. Made 2/7/19

Character Concept: Flik, The Pesky Inventor. Made 3/12/19

Krazy Kino Series #1: Champion David, The Hero of the Forum. Made 3/23/19

Krazy Kino Series #2: Polaris, The Star Seer. Made 4/1/19


Character Concept: Flik, The Pesky Inventor

Can you make one for me?Also my white skill would be “flying fairies”.

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3 things.

  1. This is not a suggestion topic for concepts. This is meant to be solely a post for any and all of the concepts I make as a sort of hub for my work.

  2. You can nominate other members to be a part of my Krazy Kino series, but you can not ask me to make on for yourself. I had a lengthy discussion about this on my first one I made for Champion David.

  3. Even if you do get nominated and I make one of you neither the person who nominates you nor the person nominated get any input as to how I design them. I look at the forum posts and decide on a role and skillset based on what I can gleam from your interactions on the forum.

Please do not ask me to make one of you the way you want it to be made. I do research and each concept goes through a series of edits as I make it. If you so want one for you then just make it yourself.



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