Choose the Hero Refresh for 2.7.10!

how old is ralph??and dont tell me he doesnt need refresh…just an example

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I never said that. I was referring to the characters on this poll specifically.


Ralph is the oldest hero in game, and yes he is the worst, according to players’ opinions and experiences.


He is. But it doesn’t make Kim less deserving of a refresh

Correct. Just because a character needs something more, doesn’t mean another character doesn’t need it at all.


perblue should focus refreshing those heroes before even thinking refreshing all these new ones…that’s what I’m telling


Ralph would deserve a refresh as well, but two things:

  • He is not an option in the current poll
  • Polaris has told us that PB doesn’t want to refresh beta-heroes, because it would make the game harder for players who just start the game.

So getting Ralph into this is not really fair


where is the outcome of that battle?? I dont see any win or defeat message , nor the battle stats

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Well… fair enough. Respect your opinion.
Personally, I’d rather have Kim refreshed than a hero I don’t care for. But can’t deny Ralph is in an even worse state


lol harder??? having a good hero on their disposal from the very beginning?

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PB’s decision while maybe not the best ethical decision for a game is still their decision. Currently, they have no plans to refresh beta heroes. But as they said, that could change.

Personally, I feel as though the explanation doesn’t make much sense and is just a excuse for PB, but I do want to believe that their reasoning has some validity to it.

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While this is true, it still makes zero sense. You can literally lose the tutorial bc they refreshed Bogo and Inc but not Ralph and Vanellope (and she’s completely trash as well before red)


It indeed makes zero sense, but I just wanted to inform that a refresh for Ralph is not very likely in the near future

I can stop using this meme

… Then why did you post it?

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Because I only just sent this thread :joy::joy:

Hi everyone, I think Miss Piggy should have a refresh, or Anger.


Looks to me like you’ve been consistently arguing that Kim’s stats are worse than Anger’s.

And I wasn’t asking about Djaq’s ranking of Zurg, I was asking about yours, since you seem to be claiming that Kim having 50% more HP than Anger is inconsequential thanks to Kermit.

Do we have confirmation from anyone at PerBlue that her stats were never updated, or is that an assumption based on her having lower stats than other 2020 heroes?


But we have lots of evidence to back this up

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