Choose the Next Hero Refresh - February 2020!

Vote now to choose one of the next heroes to be refreshed! We have a couple of heroes for the next major update that will receive a refresh, and you get to choose one!

  • Chief Bogo
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Shank
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Jessie

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Voting will close at noon CT on Sunday, February 9.


Hey everyone,
Shank sounds good to get a refresh, but that means it could make some friendship campaigns LITERALLY impossible along with some invasion breakers so i’m urging you NOT to vote for her.
Thanks :blush:


I LOVE HERO REFRESH ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I chose Shank. But Mad hatter refresh is also great!

I hope Aladdin, Judy Hopps will get refreshed someday!


Chief Bogo is a really good tank that just needs a refresh! Please vote for him!!:pray::pray:


Jessie or Bogo are the only good options!


Jessie refresh hands down. She is weak, does from almost any attack (can be targeted so easily), even when using her white skill. Bad stats for sure. Also agree with some of the assessment by other players that her skills activate/cooldown waaaaay too long. Her yodel is ridiculous slow to activate. Also I would like her to get a boost in her lowest defense (reality/armor) everytime she yodels. Would be nice!

Mad Hatter is strong, it’s just his skills (green and blue) take forever to activate due to the long animation which I frankly don’t understand why it takes that LONG (PB should shorten it).

Shank is good. I remember many players complained when Invasion rolled out because Shanks was too tough to beat. If she gets a refresh, she will be tough to beat in these events (Invasion, city watch, etc), so no thank you. I definitely do not want to come across a buffed up Shank in any mode! If anything just buff up her disks, increase the amount of health she regenerates from her blue green skill. And increase armor she gives to the team

Chief Bogo has already gotten refreshed several times in the past, so I don’t think he should get another one.

QOH is average. I’ve started using her in Heist, and she ain’t bad. Agree with assessment that her purple skill should have a higher rate of regenarating from charms (75% rather than 52%) for the skill to have an impact. Miss Piggy/Megara sets can be burdensome, QOH allows for a counter to that nasty team.


@Polaris when is the refresh? Is it for 1.16? Or is it for next week? Or even today?

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This will be in 1.16


Everyone should either vote for Shank, Bogo or Jessie! The Mad Hatter does not need a refresh!!


@Polaris will this refreshed character get a Red Skill too?


Bogo and Shank will make some friendship campaigns impossible. Vote for Jessie


Bogo is a very good tank though! He needs a refresh!

All of them?

Shank for president :joy:


Bogo! They already have a red skill for Hatter, so he is in the works, vote for Bogo!

Please vote for queen of hearts

Jessie definetely needs it! Bad stats, her sonic yodel has VERY LONG COOLDOWN, and she doesn’t do a lot of damage for a damage hero. It would be great if her yodel and hootenanny had some added effect! Like stunning or silencing (for her yodel) and removing armor or even giving inspire (for her hootenanny).


This is about making characters viable for pvp, not keeping characters at trash level so that you can beat certain modes easier.

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Please, don’t vote for Bogo, Jessie, and or Queen of hearts. They’re too hard to k.o. in friendship campaign. Go for Shank or Mad Hatter.


Like @Yomi said, this is about making them actually viable in pvp not just to beat them easier. You barely ever see anyone use them competively that why they really need the refresh.

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