Cinderella charecters suggestion

Why don’t they include any more Cinderella characters like jaq and gus or drizella and Anastasia or Cinderella herself those what first comes to audiences minds the first thing regardless of the fairy God mother who is present in the game

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Probably because characters that are added in the game must complement and create a balanced gaming atmosphere within the game.

Just give it time. We just got Fairy Godmother. Expect the others eventually.


Well, idk about Jaq and Gus. They’re a bit too small to come into the game just by themselves. If they did get added, it’d likely be through Cinderella’s skills in some way.


Some way, the’ll likely make it in.


Going of topic do you think that rowlf dog will be added

No. At least I hope not. We have enough Muppets right now.

Well I hope yes

Jaq and gus would be likley in cinderella s skillset i could see lady termine coming in october as the villian of the movies series

He most likely will. But I think we need a break with the muppets for now.

If it’ll make you feel any better, OP, I made a hero concept for Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia a while back:

Hopefully PB will be inspired by it. :V

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