Clever Gypsy



Esmeralda is a back-line damage hero

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Esmeralda walks into the battlefield and spins

Victory: Esmeralda shakes her tambourine. The tambourine will look like the one showed on the top of this thread

K.O.: Esmeralda leans back and puts the back of her hand on her forehead

Basic Attack: Esmeralda throws a rock at an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Headbutt
:fist: Normal Damage
Esmeralda calls her goat, Djali, who runs up to the enemy closest to Esmeralda and headbutts them, dealing X damage, pushing them back. Then Djali runs through all enemies dealing X damage to each enemy

This is how Djali looks like:

Green Skill: Jolty Helmet
:fist: Normal Damage
Esmeralda throws a helmet at an enemy, dealing X damage. Then it bounces off to hit two other enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy

The bounce may only happen if there are 3 more more enemies

Like this:

Blue Skill: Sneeze Bomb
Whenever Esmeralda falls below 50% HP, she sneezes into a blue handkerchief and a puff of pink smoke appears, making her invisible for 8 seconds

Like this:

Purple Skill: Jamboree
At the beginning of every wave, Esmeralda’s attack speed is increased by 90% for 6 seconds. Esmeralda also gains X skill power for the duration of the speed buff

Red Skill: Charming Dance
Esmeralda’s first 3 basic attacks charms enemies for 4 seconds

This effect may fail against enemies above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power
+Z damage to Damage role enemies with “Jolty Helmet”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Esmeralda - Miguel
Musical Notes
“Jamboree” Skill Boost
Allies: Goofy, Felix, Jessie

  • +X Max HP
  • “Jamboree” grants all allies 50% attack speed (increases by 15% for every added star)

Esmeralda - Elsa
Mountain Hike
Freezing Sneeze
Allies: Olaf, The Queen of Hearts, Hiro

  • +X Armor
  • +X Skill Power
  • “Sneeze Bomb” now freezes the closest enemies for 4 seconds (increases by 1 second for every added star)

Hope you liked it!


Very nice concept, I really like all the gif’s too! As well as the link to Quasimodo it all ties together quite well.

Good Job

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White, Green or blue is identical or similar to mine!! Just different names can you site me

Yes, PLEASE! Esmeralda is the character I want in this game the most! Though, I think that Quasi’s campaign would be with her rather than Esmeralda having a campaign with her. I think Miguel would be a better fit, considering she’s a dancer, and he’s a musician.

I’m sorry but I can’t because I actually came up with these in my journal. Maybe we had the EXACT same ideas. I saw your topic (just now) and realized they are ALMOST 100% the same. I actually have never seen this thread before so I am very sorry @Prince_Aamir. I still think it’s really strange. I copied all this info from an uncompleted concept I wrote in my journal and wrote the rest from scratch

I made the Skill images for fun. Headbutt was a fail so I wrote all over it. There are different wordings because I edited them while writing the thread. Anyway if you want to see the similarities check out @Prince_Aamir’s topic: LINK. Here one of my h’s looks like an n.
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I dunno… it might seem like I put them together for a different reason which I won’t mention since it’s rude in general

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