Collections Feedback!

Server 2 players, we’d love to hear your constructive feedback about Collections. Thanks for trying it out!

Here’s some things we’d like to hear in your feedback:

  • What are you enjoying?
  • What could be improved?
  • What motivates you to complete collections?
  • What collection(s) are your favorites?
  • What collections would you like to see added?

Looks neat! But I have to ask, do the armor/reality increases scale with TL? Since there’s only so long it’s going to be useful. The only other thing that comes to mind was the lack of groups, I thought for sure there was going to be one for villains and slow characters. I’m hoping we got more in future updates :grinning:

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The benefit from the buff doesn’t scale with the hero, but it can be increased by mastering more levels of the collection. That increases the level of the buff.

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Wow, S2 is really quiet.
Does collection buffs works on heist and invasion? (if not, I have an suggestion)
Also, more collections (and buffs) are planned?

So far I enjoy the collection, it would be nice if the when removing wards in breaker quest counted towards collections.


Well that’s because some people haven’t unlocked a single one yet. Give us time so more people will start unlocking them (yes obviously i expecting some Darwing Ducks Guild members come to give the first feedback).

I’m getting fairly close to my second, and I’ve noticed that unless a hero is one of your mains for invasion/CW it would take about a month to complete them. That’s fairly annoying given how you need a lot of characters to complete each level/tier, even more so higher up. Adding Arena and maybe Coli would be greatly appreciated.


I’m thinking that by next invasion more people will have some unlocked, with the new team getting used more. But right now it’s taking a long time to unlock them

My thoughts in no particular order:

  • Love the avatar borders. I bought the orange border and combined with some of the orange icons it makes my picture stand out much more. The Leaf Mane border is so fabulously tacky I LOVE IT and I want more borders like this one and the doughnut.

  • Most people on the server seem strangely unaware of collections existence. When I bought an avatar border a lot of people in VIP chat were asking how I got it (meaning they didn’t know there was a cosmetics shop either).

  • The star requirement on heroes is unnecessary. What if stars lowered the number of battles required to complete it instead of locking them out entirely? There’s nothing I can do to get stars on some heroes due to how they’re obtained and that feels lame.

  • I wish there was a way of easily identifying which heroes had potential collections waiting to make progress. At the moment I’m forced to constantly swap between collections and surge, invasion, etc. looking for which heroes I should be using (it would be nice to have little icons on each hero during selection showing the collections they would make progress toward). Sometimes this means I just choose to ignore collections when its too much trouble.

  • Some debuffs don’t seem particularly useful- for example lowering energy regeneration on the enemy team by 1% at maximum level won’t be discernible from not having the skill. Would like it if the impact were something I could more easily notice.

Overall I enjoy that it’s there. It’s fun to look through and I love the cosmetics shop so far. I hope there are plans to add more icons and borders so we can have a little more fun in the chat.


I agree with the statement that it’s too difficult to see which characters have collections available. I too have to keep switching back and forth between screens to see who I need to be using and thus lose interest in the collections too easily.

I disagree with the avatar borders being cool. They’re distracting and really don’t add anything to the game. Not a fan of them.


Ok I am sorry this took so long, I just couldn’t find the feedback spot.

A. As was mentioned having an easier way of identifying who is in what collection would be most helpful. There seems to be if i open the characters overview page it tells me what buffs he has and does not, so that might have been the intended why to tell, but in team building I cant tell. Maybe have an option like we have role, power, team, collection and then you would have to have some heroes in multiple groups. Not sure how to effectively do this.

Aside from that the rewards are not that much more then a status symbol, but the buffs are where the draw to complete the quests are.

I am not so thrilled that when i complete a collection in bronze level 1 that ALL the heroes reset and not just those i got to max. granted it allows people to finish the collections faster, but was annoying when i had say jack jack and mike at 29 and 28 out of 30. then when jack jack hit 30 i lost all the work on mike cause it finished the collection.
Would it be possible to leave that work?

I am sure at some point you will be adding collections, but for now there is a lot to work on, and a lot of benefits. There is no way for anyone to really ramp up their collections with money which is nice.

I have every hero and everyone is 3 star min besides robinhood and the red queen so I am getting a good feel of the collections. I have mastered all of them to level 1/8 aside from Alice in Wonderland and Incredibles.

Over all well done, might need some tweaking and the exact numbers in regards to rewards might need to be adjusted. I do not do as much number crunching so I do not know if all the buffs are working correctly.

Also the difficulty in achieving a mastery level might need a better reward as it is not that easy to get them.

Assuming you have every hero, and you do city watch, and invasion the chances are it will still take quite some time to level. But having the bonus of surge means you get at least one point a day for each hero you have IF you use them. That is why I think not wiping the slate clean with each progression can be helpful.

Oh and as was mentioned, there are a lot of people who are sorely unaware of the existence of the collections. Might there be a way to let people know they are there, like a daily quest to increase any heroes by X collections points in one day.

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Another thing I think would help is if I can only advance my collections in Surge, Invasion and City Watch, City Watch being the easiest, should actually be easier. I keep manually doing easy mode to work on my collections but my “Easy” City Watch mode starts out at orange with 5 stars at level 100. My heroes last maybe one or two fights and then they are dead so they don’t gain much on collection.


Overall, collections has been a neat addition. Admittedly, I’ve pretty much ignored it and played my usual game (except not raiding CW - not thrilled with this), but the progression happens without granting it extra attention. Alternatively, several guild members do pay attention and focus on one team or small group of toons for the different modes and have achieved much greater progress than myself. I think it’s good that we can focus or not and still move forward.
I do not like the count reset at level progression. That seems overly tedious.
I do like that there is no way to really gain an advantage on f2p buy outspending for rewards (at least for now). Granted, having more toons at higher levels is an advantage many have already paid for but that affects all modes anyway.
Probably the main reason i don’t pay it any attention is because I’m too lazy to switch back and forth between the screens to see who’s how far along in what category, but I’ve always wanted a way to switch discs on a hero in battle selection too - this seems to run on that same line.
The borders are neat, but I’ll likely ignore them as they add no function. The buffs are decent and minimal, which i think is fair. I wouldn’t want something game-changing, Some of them i can already feel on the opposing team, but it’s not unbeatable; it just requires paying attention when countering. I imagine as they progress further and stack up the buffs, it might be a game changer, but in theory, everyone should have something in place, as many collections can be achieved through normal gameplay.
I’ve decided to try at least one full week actually focusing on collections just to see if the quicker progress feels worth the effort, but wanted my initial thoughts noted as i don’t expect to like the week of “working for it”.

Something else I know I said it would be nice to be able to know who is in what collection, it would also be helpful to know from the team window how far along that hero is. As it is to find out i need to open collection, then open the group i.e. stun, then open the level i’m working on i.e. bronze.

This makes team building while working on collections extremely tedious.

How to improve that i’m not sure, the only option i can come up with is that in the hero building screen if there was an option of holding down on a hero icon for more then 2-3 seconds will give a pop up that gives information about the hero. What team, what groups and what progress they have in said groups.

this way you can still tap to select or hold for more information. if this is not an option there is another option but i feel people would be annoyed at a confirmation style selection in the team building page… Maybe if it was optional. Just like we have role, power, level, stars team, maybe add a Detailed option.

Detailed option would mean you tap a hero and it gives a pop up with a select or decline option that has more detailed information about the hero before selection.

The pop up could then say what groups, what progress in those groups, what team they are on, what roll they play, inform us of which abilities are fantastic/normal/ true damage. I know a few friends who were confused by what heroes do what damage.

I know this is not directly related to the collections, but it is somewhat connected. It would be a lot of work programming wise, but you wanted feedback.

I like how someone mentioned the count resetting after completing a level and saying how the count shouldn’t reset, I agree but if you are going to reset the could I think maybe this would work better. For bronze level 1 it would be nice if it was master 3 heroes by winning 20 battles. And then bronze level 2 would be master 4 heroes by winning 20 battles and so on and so forth for each level of bronze the number of mastered heroes would go up but not the amount of wins. The amount of wins needed for each hero would only increase by 10 when you reached the next tier, silver, gold and platinum.

that is a way they could keep the resets, but i do not think perblue will do much to make it easier, the best we can hope for is they dont make it harder.

Hey all,

Thanks for the great feedback so far! I’ve added some questions at the top, so if you have any additional insights, let us know!

Here’s some things we’d like to hear in your feedback:

  • What are you enjoying?
  • What could be improved?
  • What motivates you to complete collections?
  • What collection(s) are your favorites?
  • What collections would you like to see added?
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Collections is interesting im having a great time with it ty so much per blue but i agree with everyone here there has to be a easier way to actually see who needs what and cw and arena and coli should count too ur goal is for us to play

As a day one player i was eager to play invasion because my wife and i r on different servers i would like to see a possible merge or maybe a jump to a server i play many other games with her and this one is probably on its way out cause we would love to play together its our competitiveness

I like the collections aspect. The rewards seem pretty fair, maybe slightly on the light side if I had to lean one way. Using invasion to acquire the wins is a good idea to make invasion more worth while. It’d be nice to see a little more options like in heist maybe, but it is good to see it’ll be a grind to get them completed so it doesn’t happen in a week.

The badges and borders aren’t all that motivating but doesn’t hurt in the same aspect. The buffs are the most motivating part but hard to say if they’re enough to grind for without being a total game changer. I think percentages make the most sense as stated amounts will be more effective at lower levels than higher ones like the health boost. A percentage will keep it more even as one levels up in my mind.

Some others to add maybe: freeze category, slow category, healers, villains as some thoughts. Good work though, I enjoy seeing new ideas and concepts!