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Disney Heroes: Collections Preview


Collections is a new feature with the 1.9.2 release that builds off the character collecting nature of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! This feature will only be available on Server 2 for 1.9.2 while we gather feedback and work out any kinks.


Collections group similar heroes together by combat role, mechanic, or from the same Disney-Pixar film. Make progress in a Collection by winning battles with heroes in specific game modes – when you have won enough battles with a specific hero, you have “mastered” that hero. When you master enough heroes in a Collection, you complete a Collection level, which gives you rewards!

Rewards and Shop

Let’s start with the good stuff and take a look at the rewards you can earn from Collections!

By completing Collection levels, you can receive a variety of goodies you’re already familiar with: diamonds, stamina items, gold, XP Drinks, and more. But you can also get two totally new kinds of rewards: Mastery Tokens and permanent Collection-based buffs for your heroes!

Mastery Tokens

Mastery Tokens are a new currency introduced with Collections, and you can exchange them for new cosmetic items in the Collection Shop. The Collections Shop offers two types of cosmetics: avatar borders and avatar badges.

Avatar Badges and Borders

Avatar borders are organized into tiers; purchase a cosmetic border from Tier 1 to unlock access to Tier 2 borders, etc. Avatar badges require a certain number of mastery levels in a collection to unlock; once unlocked, they can be purchased for Mastery Tokens.

Collection Buffs

Each time you complete a Collection level, you will earn a unique stat buff associated with that Collection. The buffs you can attain from Collections are permanent and will affect all heroes who belong to that Collection. For some Collections, the buffs will affect all heroes on your team! These buffs will affect every battle mode in the game.

(Note that these buffs are intentionally not meant to be game changing; we don’t want them to overpower your heroes’ skills, badges, memory disks and mods. But they do add flavor and a little extra punch in combat!)

Each time you complete additional levels in the Collection, you gain more power for that buff. In addition, all levels – whether in an existing or new Tier – add the same additional power to the buff.

Finding Buffs for Specific Heroes

You can see which buffs each hero qualifies for in their Details Stats pop-up window. You can also view how many levels of each buff you have unlocked so far.

Collection Structure

In the screenshot examples below, we’re looking at the Charm Collection. This Collection features all heroes that use Charm as part of their mechanics.


Each Collection has four Tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In each Tier, you will be working to master heroes of different star-levels. In Bronze you will be mastering heroes that are at least 3 stars, Silver is at least 4-star heroes, Gold is at least 5-star heroes, and Platinum is 6-star heroes.


Each Collection Tier has one or more levels, depending on the size of the collection. For example the Charm Collection has 2 levels per Tier, meaning the Charm Collection has 8 levels total.

Collection Progress Flow

When you start a new Collection, you will always begin at Bronze Tier level I. Once you complete Bronze I, you unlock both Bronze II and Silver I. You can choose which to start working on next – and in some cases, your progress will count toward more than one Tier!

Hero Mastery

Charm Collection, Bronze Tier, Level I:

Charm Collection, Bronze Tier, Level I has been completed!

(This opens the Silver Tier in the Charm Collection and unlocks the Bronze Tier Level II)

Charm Collection, Bronze Tier, Level II

Charm Collection, Silver Tier, Level I

To complete a Collection level, you must “master” a certain number of heroes. “Mastering” a hero means winning a certain number of battles in certain game modes.

Let’s look at the Charm Collection as an example with the screenshots above. To master Level I in the Bronze Tier of the Charm Collection, you must master 3 heroes who are at 3-stars or higher. This means you must win 20 battles with each of the 3 heroes in the Collection. In the screenshot example above, I’ve mastered two heroes by winning 20 battles for each, and am in progress with a third hero at winning 12 out of 20 battles required.

Qualifying Game Modes

Only battles won in Creep Surge, City Watch, and Breaker Fights in Invasion count towards mastery progression. Heroes hired as Mercenaries do not count towards mastery progression of that hero.

Progressing Through Higher Tiers and Levels

As you progress through Collection Tiers, you will need to have higher star heroes and win more battles with more heroes.

For example, in Charm’s Bronze Tier you will need heroes that are 3-stars or higher and win 20 battles each with 3 heroes per level. In Silver Tier you will need heroes that are 4-stars or higher, and win 30 battles each with 4 heroes per level.


As you make progress towards mastery of a hero in one Collection’s Tier, that progress will count towards every Collection and Tier that the hero qualifies for!

For example, if you are winning qualifying battles with Gaston who is at 6-stars, your battles will count towards all unlocked Tiers and levels in the Charm, Control, and Stun collections.

Happy Collecting!
We hope you enjoy collections and look forward to feedback on the feature!

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When it comes live on all servers, will the collections be same on all servers or will they change because newer servers don’t have all the heroes?


Shame it’s server exclusive for now, but gives me time to level my heroes once it releases.
Cannot wait, looks nice.


If this is a success and moves to other servers I can’t wait to try it! It looks cool and I think that this will help bring more people in again to the game, and give us more to talk about.


This looks amazing!! I cant wait for this to be rolled out.


This is good for all the Server 2 peoples who got angry at being neglected.

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@Polaris, this looks really cool! I am excited to see this and cannot wait for it to release to my server. Thhis just may be eniugh motivaion for me to start working on starring my heroes…I mean I have been, bht I should do more of it.

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I bet server 2 got it because PerBlue felt bad after many rage quit due to invasion


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Dis collections thing looks pretty exciting.


Tbh, you are prolly right. Server 2 threw a tantrum cuz they were not allowed to test Invasion. Now they can test collections.

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Let me get something straight, so server 1 are still there, but server 2 is the next level, correct?


Wait, is there any chance the gold increase can be reverted since the game obviously isn’t about, and I quote, “choosing which heroes to focus on and less for maxing out every hero” anymore?