Contest badge pt scoring isn't right

Fairly simple, the badge points list 1 pt under each type. The amount of pts for the first 183k badge points spent should be something different than 1 point. as the gold and infection zones have different rates. Otherwise there’d be no difference to spend badge points at all if they’re only worth 1 pt. Fix it? Have some consistency within contest scoring metrics? Looks like a bad joke.


Hopefully, it’s not labeled as such.

It’s the way contests have been scored for a long, long time. For the first 183,400 badge tokens you spend, you earn 2 points (1 + 1), and after that you earn just 1 point per token spent; likewise, for the first 80 infected areas you clear, you earn 4170 points (540 + 3630), and after that you just get the 540 points per area. It is highly unusual for both point tiers to give the same number of points (a paltry 1 in this case), but I seem to recall there being another recent contest where that happened (for guild influence, maybe?).

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