Contest Beginning! 🥳 (Daily Reminder)

Good Luck!

To all participating in the concept creation contest that has started and ends Friday so I wish luck to all making concepts hopefully everyone has fun!
More Info On Contest Here!


@The_Evesdropper and @TheSpaghettiKing on having a successful contest with many submissions we all can’t wait to see who are the winners!

Fresh Beats!

Don’t forget to enjoy the day with some awesome, Spectacular Beats!

  • Sugarella
  • Coralaroline
  • Expialodocious

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Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed! :grinning:
Stay tuned for the next Reminder!


Actually the contest deadline has been extended to Saturday!

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I wonder who the winners of the contest are gonna be! :tada:

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Any one of us could win! Discobot doesn’t even know!

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