Contest scoring bug?

It’s been appromximated 1 year since new contest scoring introduced in our game (since last year anniversary with the introduction of Goofy)

We used to have only 1 scoring system and after the change, we have 2. The first limited but with higher score, and the second unlimited but lower score. I think everyone knows what I’m talking about

But for some unknown reasons, the scoring system this contest is different…not in a good way (pls check picture above from server 9). Aside from infection-clearing point, all other tasks (hard ones, btw) have only 1 scoring system!!! Then what does it matter and whay difference does it make when they make 2 scoring system like this? It makes zero sense

Hopefully this is a bug or mistake or whatever you guys want to call it and will be fixed before contest starts. If it doesnt, then it’s really unfair for us!

P/s: what about other servers? what is your scoring system for this contest? Are you in the same situation with us? Thanks for your information in advance


I’m not entirely sure by what you mean.

With the badge bazaar tokens you get 2 points for each of the first 183 400 tokens you spend and then 1 from then on.

With the gold it seems like you get 1.5-ish points for the first 334 000 lots of 276 gold you spend and then 1 point per 560 gold after that.

It is all working as it should be.

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1 point.
It’s bugged.

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2 points. 1 for the infinite and 1 for the restricted.

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Same Here on my server

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It’s not a bug.

But Here is what Polaris said

Oh. So it’s working, but still, nerfed.



Ours is two in the second one…


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