Control Hero Guide (PART 1)

This is PART 1 of the complete guide to all the Control Heroes in the game. As the “Control” category would suggest, these characters specialize in influencing the flow of combat through disruption and causing chaos. Each of them has a place in the game, so this guide will provide insight to each Support hero’s value.

Disclaimer: This Guide will always be under construction, either through updating information or adding more content as more new heroes are released in the game. I will be doing updates accordingly for as long as I continue to play the game.

Captain Hook





+Strong slow effects
+Backline peeler
+Very useful Friendship Disks
+Mixed attacker

-Low durability
-Susceptible to AOE damage
-Helpless against CC

Finnick is one of the kings of slow effects. “Sticky Situation” is a powerful skill that causes all of Finnick’s attacks to slow enemies down. While the reduced attack speed is wonderful, it’s the reduced movement speed that’s the most important aspect pertaining to his game plan. Since Finnick can push enemies back with his White Skill, the reduced movement speed means they will have a much harder time trying to gain back any ground that they’ve lost. Hitting slowed targets with his Van also causes stuns, so he does have solid control over the battlefield. The stun actually works with slow effects from other characters too. Finnick can be good in Coliseum and Guild Wars, but not quite as consistent in Arena. He is one of the best heroes for team Yellow’s Invasion week, and works well with most Yellow heroes too.

Friendship Disks:
Finnick has Friendship Disks with Judy and Nick, both of which greatly improve on his offensive capabilities. Judy’s disk gives allies a damage boost when attacking slowed enemies, which Finnick can easily initiate. Not only that, Finnick’s regular attacks now deplete energy as well! Nick’s disk adds a lot of raw damage on Remote Controller, while also giving him more starting energy and conservation. Essentially, Finnick can call upon his Van a lot sooner and a lot more often. Both Disks are very good and easy to apply in practice, so you can’t really go wrong either way.

Team Options:
Finnick works very well with the rest of the Zootopia cast, and together they specialize in driving the enemy in to the corner. They are particularly great together for Invasion Breaker quests. In more competitive environments, Finnick fits well in a team that abuses slows. He and Mad Hatter are great partners that can perpetuate slow effects. Elsa is one of Finnick’s best Damage Hero partners, as she can do significantly more damage on slowed targets. Elsa also enjoys Finnick’s ability to peel off backline divers by using his trusty van.

Finnick has a tendency to be very easily disrupted himself. His midline position means he can be hit by Elsa’s freeze. Similarly, Finnick struggles against Jack Skellington and Mike(Su) as both heroes can stay out of Finnick’s effective range and keep him stunned. Hercules(Ma) is very problematic for him as he can become unmovable once he gets his invincibility. He becomes even more overwhelming when he leads a multi-tank comp that can become invincible thanks to Maui’s disk. Similarly, Miss Piggy with the Queen of Hearts’ disk poses a massive threat. With that disk, Miss Piggy becomes immune to knock backs and even gains energy every time she blocks knock back moves. She can easily force her way through to him.



+Decent CC with freezes
+Has Evasion
+Lots of crit tech

-Largely outclassed
-Low damage
-Low durability
-Low synergy

Frozone was the original Control hero for your team, teaching players the importance of disrupting enemies to give your own team safer opportunities to cause damage. Obviously, Frozone’s main specialty is to freeze enemies, but it’s about as basic as that. He is unfortunately outclassed by most heroes in terms of functionality, especially since the introduction of Elsa and Olaf. He lacks any other kind of utility outside of his freezes, so it’s very difficult to justify his usage. He can somewhat fit in a freeze team, but he does have heavy competition for filling a team slot most of the time. Since he is outdone within his own niche, it’s really best to favor other heroes in his place.

Friendship Disks:
To somewhat compensate for his lack of utility, Frozone’s Friendship Disks are meant to turn him into something of an off-Support type of hero. Mr. Incredible’s disk provides more Armor for ally Tank heroes while also boosting the overall damage they can do. Eve’s disk on the other hand adds a healing effect to Frozone’s “Stay Frosty”. The healing amount is actually pretty decent all things considered. However, the healing only applies to allies that are below 50% health and he even freezes his own allies for 2 seconds just so he can heal them! Even if the freeze is only for 2 seconds, there’s never really a good reason to delay an ally’s action under any circumstances.

Team Options:
The only way to bring the best out of Frozone is to fit him in a team that abuses freeze effects. Elsa and Olaf are essential partners, but he heavily competes against WALL-E and Merida(El) to fill another spot. Most of the time, Elsa and Olaf are just enough to make a freeze-oriented team, making Frozone very hard to make use of. Aside from that, he does have naturally good partnerships with The Incredibles, especially Mr. Incredible who benefits from Frozone’s Tank bonuses.

Frozone is tragically frail, but he is especially vulnerable to Fantastic Damage. This means his biggest threats include Ducky & Bunny, Jafar(Sc), and Anger. Anger gets a special mention because he can completely ignore Frozone’s attempts to freeze him. Similarly, Mad Hatter is also impervious to being frozen and can freely wreak havoc without worry. Kevin is yet another counter who is also immune to being frozen and can even cleanse his allies from the freeze, undoing any impact Frozone tried to establish.



+Very high damage potential
+Potent close range fighter
+High disruption potential
+Powerful comeback factor
+Good synergy

-Very slow early game
-Very small effective range
-Invincibility cannot resist disables
-Somewhat low defensive stats

Gaston is primarily a backline hero, starting off each fight shooting arrows from a safe distance. At that point, Gaston is relatively weak, unable to affect anything with his disables since these skills can only affect targets within his melee range. However, when he finally activates “Wrestling Match”, Gaston jumps into the frontline to start doing his real work. Melee range is where Gaston really shines, starting off with a great advantage by stunning the enemy frontline! At this range, Gaston’s “Burly and Brawny” can successfully connect. With his frequent disruptions, Gaston often maintains an advantage at this range. Should he find himself outmatched at any point, Gaston has a revive that he can resort to just once per battle. It is arguably the absolute best revive in the game, giving him 8 seconds of invincibility to try and use more of his brute force. Gaston is amazing in most PvP formats, especially in Coliseum and Guild Wars. He is surprisingly not very optimal in Invasion because he has a losing match up against high-level Bots and would have to deal with anti-disable Wards in Breaker quests. He can hold his own on City Watch though.

Frienship Disks:
Gaston has a Friendship disk with Calhoun, and it is designed to further improve his already impressive damage potential. This disk increases his Basic Damage, which greatly buffs his regular attacks and the strength of his Wrestling Match. More importantly though, Gaston will do increased damage to stunned enemies. Gaston will get the most out of this disk when teamed with allies who can also cause stuns. Do note that this damage bonus only works on stuns and not on charms.

Team Options:
With Calhoun’s disk at hand, Gaston should have at least one more ally that also specializes in stuns. He has lots of great options, but the standout picks are Maleficent, Hercules, and Huey, Dewey, & Louie. Similarly, Jack Skellington and Mike(Su) are particularly good at keeping multiple enemies in a near-constant stun loop, which Gaston would absolutely love. However, be mindful that the Skellington/Wazowski partnership is a package deal that compromises 2 of your team slots, which somewhat limits your remaining options. Still, even without an extra Stun partner, most teams can still benefit from Gaston’s mighty strength and disruptions. Naturally, Gaston works well with fellow villains especially Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, and the aforementioned Maleficent.

Gaston lacks any Tenacity or Evasion growth, so he himself is very vulnerable to CC. Even with his invincibility, Gaston fails to resist any negative status effects. By far his biggest counter is Merlin, who tends to prioritize targeting Gaston with his Teacher’s Pet because of his naturally high Basic Damage. Ursula is also a key threat because she can deny him from being able to reach his ideal range. Both heroes have to watch out being jumped by Gaston though, as they will be helpless at that point. Hercules is a big obstacle for Gaston. Unlike Gaston, Herc has true invincibility, and is one of the few heroes that can actually outmatch him at close range. Similarly, the Beast is a bad match up that is difficult to deal with.

More in Part 2 (CLICK HERE)


Update: Finnick’s overview completed!


Yay thanks you for these awesome guys

Where do you find your information? @Aurora_Veil

Mostly practical experience and theory crafting.


Update: completed Frozone’s overview!

Update: completed Gaston’s overview!

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Yax is best paired with Finnick (Ju) for Novice players (I think TL50 below) because the additional takes effect immediately at the start of the battle. Also, the slow power up in Invasion works really well for Finnick.

For Mad Hatter, I thought he was only immune to debuffs, and not disables? Or does debuff encompass disables as well?

I would say just to debuffs as that is what the ability says whereas with anger it states immune to disables. So Mad Hatter is immune to debuffs and NOT disables. I’m sure Aurora will put that in Mad Hatters section when they get to it though so be patient and look forward to it!

I get that there’s a supposed to be a distinction between “debuffs” and “disables”, but the game doesn’t actually tell you certain things.

The Mad Hatter’s skill “Oblivious” can also block disables, which means he cannot he frozen, stunned, or charmed. If you’ve seen him getting frozen or just disabled in general, that’s because he is getting hit by skills that exceed the current level of his “Oblivious”. For example, a Frozone with a level 135 “Stay Frosty” can freeze a Mad Hatter with only a level 100 “Oblivious”.

Yes, really. I checked.


That sucks. The distinction is cleared in Kevin case, as he is affected by slow and Hex. Then again, some invincibility has disable immunity, while others don’t, so it isn’t out of the question.

Update: Genie’s overview complete!

He is underrated, but he can be made useful in specific circumstances so check it out!


Blue Invasion is exactly the reason I’m glad my Genie is decently leveled. I would still much prefer to use Woody in Boss fights instead. But alas, my screaming about Woody’s Lasso working on bots FOR SOME REASON was fruitless xD (I asked to change it so it would stop lassoing freaking bots into the middle of the player’s squishies.)

If you are after speed, you can replace Woody for Animal or Duke Caboom! You won’t need Woody’s Buzz disk that much because Genie’s energy is just enough.

I really enjoy using Hiro in my team. He literally carries a decoy tank with him. Which gives my heroes more time 2 fight back. Can’t wait 4 the Hiro guide.

The microbot hiro carries definitely is useful in certain situations in the game

Oh! I actually did a small section on that head-scratcher a while back on my Fairy Godmother build! I hope it helps clear the confusion.

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Oh I thought that Slow falls under debuff, since it works in Breaker fights where enemies are immune to disables.

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Ah! You’re right :exploding_head::dizzy_face: I was rereading my post after I saw your post, and realized that Past Me messed up :laughing: I’ll go fix it

Edit: Fixed!

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