The Veil of Aurora's Guide Collection

My comprehensive Hero Guides are all found here.

Support Hero Guide (PART 1)
Support Hero Guide (PART 2)
Support Hero Guide (PART 3)
Tank Hero Guide (PART 1)
Tank Hero Guide (PART 2)
Tank Hero Guide (PART 3)
Tank Hero Guide (PART 4)
Control Hero Guide (PART 1)
Control Hero Guide (PART 2)

Chronological Character Release Guide


Thanks, @Aurora. Awesome efforts you put in compiling these valuable info. 'til your next update… :grin:


This is AMAZING! When I have some time I’m going to read all the posts. You’ve done some insane amount of work. My Bujo pages with friendship campaigns and categorizing the heroes is just silly compared to this. Wow!!!

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Just imagine if you did every single hero :sweat_smile:

A few weeks later…

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Update: added Tank Hero Guide (PART 3)

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Update: because of the Support guide needing to be split, there are now a new part 2 and part 3. Links now available.

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Much luck to ya. Look forward to what information you find. :wink:


Please stay tuned. I intend to do Control heroes next because there aren’t as many of them.


Ooh! May the reviews control our thought of the heroes

Update: link available for control hero guide part 1

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The hero we need

Nice to have all the links in one place! Will you do damage hero next? There’s so many it may damage your time and sanity!

I never had sanity to begin with, so no worries here.



Update: added link to Control Hero guide part 2.

Y’all, I’m such a dumb@$$. So I just discovered how to properly add borders to a single post… by accident. So I went through ALL my guides to give them all borders instead of spamming the hyphen sign.


You could’ve asked :sweat_smile:

Oh well