Cosmic jester (unlikely remake-cept)


2 star, mid-line control

“Got a plan? glad to help!”


Entrance: marx rolls into the battlefield on his beach ball then he hops off the ball as it dissapears

Victory: marx kicks two times fowards before then posing and smiling

Defeat: marx gets knocked back as he then lands on his face

True form: marx explodes multiple times before exploding one last time and falling to the ground on his face

Basic attack: marx kicks a exploding beach ball towards the nearest enemy, dealing X damage

True form: marx sends two crescent blades at the two nearest enemies, dealing X damage


White: Supernova wish

Passive: marx starts off each wave with a single stack of “nova”, when he has “nova” on him he gains X skill power and X armor every 5 seconds he has “nova” on him.

Active: marx consumes his stack of “nova” and transforms into his form from kirby star allies, increasing his skill power by X amount, making him immune to debuffs/disables while transformed and scaring all enemies for 10 seconds.

This is what winged marx looks like

If marx is already in his winged form when he activates his white skill again, marx will instead split himself into two halfs and creates a black hole in the middle of the enemy team, dealing X damage to all foes, purging up to 3 buffs from each enemy and decreasing each enemies reality by 52%

Green: ball drop kick

Marx kicks a jester ball with more force at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage, knocking the enemy back and making that enemy unable to gain buffs for 5 seconds.

In his winged form, marx will instead drop several small seeds in the enemy team which then the seeds will immediately sprout up into sharp green vines, each vine deals X damage to the foe caught in the vines hitbox while also stunning them for 10 seconds and rendering them unable to gain buffs while they are stunned for those same 10 seconds.

Blue: pitch black

Marx’s eyes go pitch black as several black eyeballs fall out and bounce towards the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy, decreasing their reality by 25% per each hit and scaring all enemies for 10 seconds.

(This move is the same for both his jester form and his winged form)

Purple: dare to dream

Whenever marx is hit by a disable while in his winged form, the enemy who dealt the disable has the disable reflected back to them with it’s duration refreshed.

Red: one wish

Marx heals himself for X amount every 10 seconds, each time he heals, he gains X reality and also gains 100% attack speed for 10 seconds.

“Pitch black” now crits against enemies who are already scared in the battlefield.
+X damage to “ball drop kick”
+X skill power
+X reality


Nova’s conquest
less damage taken from most damaging enemy

Marx now takes 35% less damage from the enemy who deals the most damage to him during the course of the battle.

A cheerful savior
scared enemies now take more damage

all scared enemies now take 30% more damage from allies (this is doubled if the ally has already scared an enemy in any way)

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