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Hello. To start off I want to say not my idea here’s a link to it, its one of my favorite topics so I wanted to do something like it here we go. Orange Hero Idea (Costumes)

Hiro. His purple suit.

Baymax re color him to look like the car chase.

Mr i. His original suit
Violent and dash. Have there school outfits.
Frozone. Bulling suit.
Jack jack. Enda mode outfit.

Woody. Half broken arm
Buzz. Sorry Mrs nessbit.
Zurg recolor to look like Darth Vader.
Rex. Time forgotten outfit.

Scar. Mufassa

Wall_e more rusty.
Eve. With Christmas lights on her.

Mickey. Like Minnie and epic mickey.

Jack skel. Sandy clawse

Stitch. Angel

Name more if ya have any hanks for reading.



Lot of disagreements here buddy. Here’s a list:

  1. Woody — Broken Arm
    “Costume” means outfits and I don’t think such I little detail should make way for a game
  2. Emperor Zurg — Darth Vader
    Have you seen any of the costumes? They are based on ACTUAL outfits that the characters have worn. Emperor Zurg won’t ever get an outfit. Not Sad (for me) but true.
  3. Violet & Dash — School Outfits
    I just hate this idea so much. I mean it wouldn’t make sense since they are supers and they are meant to LOOK like supers. It’s not like your going to ask for Bob/Helen Parr outfits
  4. Jack-Jack — Edna Mode
    What do you mean by this exactly? Is it supposed be the “outfit” where Jack-Jack looks like Edna Mode? Big no-no
  5. Frozone — Bulling Suit
    WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You mean Lucius Best? I said earlier in the comments. They have to look like supers
  6. WALL-E — Rust
    Rust. Your kidding me right? Who on the EARTH cares about RUST (some people might and imo that’s crazy)
  7. EVE — Christmas Lights
    I’m prettier sure costumes change OUTFITS and not add more details or add decorations
  8. Stitch & Scar — ???
    Characters cannot look like their counterparts… and it’s quite literate. Let’s see Scar is eveil and Mufasa is good. Stitch is a boy and Angel is his GIRLFRIEND. Stitch already had a costume. And Scar won’t ever have one. It’s clearly not necessary.
  9. Mickey — Minnie
    I don’t get what in the HECK you are saying. From what I understand… HOW IS MICKEY SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE MINNIE. Also… EPIC MICKEY?! There’s is barely any difference.

My point: Costumes are outfits and not added details, decorations, nor accessories

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Like the ones for Mr.I and Jack Scellington, maybe EVE and Jack-Jack, others…Well, not the best choices IMO.
Hiro in his armor still throwing bots will look silly.
Woody and Buzz without hands can’t really fight.
Honestly, I don’t remember Epic Mickey and the Baymax one.
Others-well, see above.



Costume - A style of dress, including garments, accessories, and hairstyle, especially as characteristic of a particular country, period, or people.

Hmm this is a definition from google.

costumes can be added detaiks, decorations and accessories. :wink:

Maybe you do not quite get it, but not every character has a costume choice that is easy to pick out like Merida, Stitch, Etc. I love the idea of Eve wrapped in Christmas lights. A romantic moment and all that, And the costume could be released for Christmas time too!!

At the moment, I am not in favor of having two costumes per character though I know that will change in the end.

Imo, A good outfit fpr Frozone is his burglary outfit. As to Walle, He could look More rusty or look more clean, he is a harder one to come up with.

Also, instead of yelling at the OP about how stupid their idea is, How about you try to be constructive by suggesting a few costume ideas of your own.



I’m trying not to be rude, but some of those suggestions really sound weird for me, especially those which make characters lose limbs or become other characters. What about personal costume list-don’t know, maybe later, as that’s gonna be a long one :grin:

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I’m glad to see people still care about my old topic! I think I’ll go back and improve it. :slight_smile:



Please don’t. I’m sorry but to be honest it’s kind of as bad as it is. Also it’s way too old



Hahahaha back to your old ways are we ?



I like it. Especially the idea @kinokan had in the original thread. >>>>>
“Vannelope could have her dress and crown as opposed to her racer gear.”

I would love to have Vanelope as a Royal Princess!

Good idea IMHO

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Look @Champion_David, what I meant by costume it was by the DHBM definition. The costumes in the game are all different outfits. Rex is the closest to cross the line but it’s an out fit. Also EVE with Christmas lights? Let’s see… what if you were wrapped up in Christmas lights? You couldn’t move right? Neither would EVE and she wore the Christmas lights when she was in a coma. And you want me to make a costume of my own? Look I’m a Disney fan and I’m not good with ideas. But here are some I don’t think anyone had thought of:

Kevin Flynn — Black Outfit

Miguel — Dia de los Muertos Clothes

Judy Hopps — Bunnyburrow Farmer

Jack Sparrow — White Outfit

Hector Barbossa — Purple Coat

Elsa — Queen Elsa

There are way more than these but these are the outfits barely anyone thinks of. Sorry for the blurry Miguel. It’s a screenshot.

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Reasons.1.Miguel’s outfit?Yes.2.Judy?No.(it’s because she can’t get her badge on “deputize”)3.Flynn?yes.4.Jack sparrow?Yes.5.Barbossa? Yes.6.Elsa?Yes(but with out the gloves)

Note:the Elsa looked like it was from" kingdom hearts".



@Sweet_dreams, actually Judy yes because what about Nick Wilde? He has his police officer costume and he can use his abilities. You can change the costumes as long as they have nothing to do with the heroes’ abilites. I mean you can change clothes all you’d like and you’d still end up with your phone in your pocket.

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But, Judy’s skill in question is deputize in which she throws up a police badge. I could see her parking duty outift working. Instead.

As to the other, most of which were recommended elsewhere (which is fine)

But the only ones I have a problem woth are these: Judy, Jack Sparrow, Elsa.

Judy is already discussed. As to Jack Sparrow, this costume would be made by simply removing Jack’s Hat and Overcoat. His hat is part of his skill set as he takes it off to salute the fallen comrade.

Elsa is a little more difficult to decide, when she sang Let it Go, she renounced her royal self and chose instead to live in isolation without fear. She threw away her gloves and Tiara, and also changed her dress to the one seen in the mountains.

So, to make her go back and wear her Coronation Gown seems kinda controversial. I could better picture her outfit being either the dress from Frozen Fever or whatever new dress she wears in Frozen 2. They could add it to celebrate Frozen 2.

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I’m surprised no-one has suggested Miguel’s skeleton disguise.

Original costume Mr I. and Sandy Claws Jack Skellington would be good

It’d be a bit of a stretch since he didn’t have his hat then (I guess they could still give him his hat though), but I’d really like to see Pelegostos chief Jack Sparrow



Not Skeleton Miguel “costume” the only difference is the face paint and the hood



. . . That’s okay for a costume. It’s a big enough change in his appearance, and Miguel is in his skeleton disguise for like. 1/3rd to 1/2 of the movie, so, I don’t see why not.

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Spoilers! Haven’t seen it yet!!

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Well,I watched 9 3/4.giphy Remember,you can read other people’s topics,too.



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