Count wretcher concept 2.0

I am a veteran now so therefore now you can understand one of my monst popular concepts in a new way. Some things are also changed.


“I will cover the surface in sludge and you will be covered in it too”
Count wretcher dreams of everything covered in sludge, yes that includes his enemies.
Backline damage.

2 stars

Entrance: Count wretcher enters the battlefield setting up his sludge cannon.

Victory cannon does a giant squirt of sludge in the air while wretcher does the white skill of drakken laugh.

Defeat: The sludge cannon malfunctions and count wretcher gets covered in sludge. He frowns and then spree sludge cannon breaks.

Basic attack: Count wretcher uses the power of sludge to shoot from his cannon

White skill sludgenami

Passive: Count wretcher is stationary and has + 5% crit and super crit chance also he appLies permanent x normal damage per second to all enemies whenever he crits.

Active. Count wretcher charges his sludge cannon and makes a giant slave to cover his enemies with dealing x true damage to them and shattering and piercing them for 10 seconds.

Green skill oh mother: Count wretcher holds a picture of his mother up scaring all enemies for 10 seconds and stealing 25% of their basic damage. Count wretcher then reduces his armor by 80% for 10 seconds.

The basic damage steal and scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Blue skill sludge volley.

Count wretcher does a vollley with his sludge cannon raining a bunch of sludge all son them snaring each of them for 10 seconds and gaining reality and skill power = to 2% of max health of enemies he hits with this attack. He hits enemies with x fantastic damage 5-21 it might not hit all enemies.

Purple skill, it’s not slime it’s sludge: When count wretcher falls to 0 hp his assistant comes and fixes the sludge cannon reviving him with x hit points and 10 stacks of hardy count wretcher also gains 20-45% more basic damage, skill power, and 50% more attack speed for the rest of the battle. Count wretcher also can lock on an enemy he will still fire at other enemies but always super crit on the locked enemy.

Red skill everything in sludge.

Whenever count wretcher crits he decreases all enemy’s move speed by 20% for 19 seconds.

Oh mother also deals x true damage to locked enemy.

Sludge volley now instead hits 10-24 times and deals 5% of count Wretchers combined armor and reality.

The movement speed decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

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Just because you were suspended from the forum twice it dosen’t make you a veteran.

Besides you made a concept 7 hours ago. Your spamming concepts… again! I’m getting tired of saying this. Stop spamming concepts.

Now I’m going to give this guide to you one last time.

Please read it or at the very least skim it.

A Guide to Making Character Concepts


Ok I will try Also I have a request… can you vote on who will win in this current poll in the free for all Disney characters D. Pls then Inwill try to not spam concepts.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

Besides, you said that the last time and the time before that and the time before that time. But I get the feeling you just say stuff like that because you think people will get off your back and you continue to do whatever you want.

Well, I got news for you, we’re not stupid. Now, I’m serious. If you continue to spam concepts and ignore everybody advice on how to improve, The next suspension will be permanent because I’ll be looking at a banned forumer here.


Can you vote in the free for all now?

You’re not even listening to me are you?

We shouldn’t do things for you in exchange for cooperation. You shouldn’t spam period. Think about it for a second. You have been suspended twice for spamming.

What does that tell you?

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