Coyote genius (unlikely concept)

Wile-E coyote


1 star, backline control

“Wile-E coyote, super genius!”

he may have failed to catch a bird, but Wile-E coyote still uses his most clever traps to catch enemies off-guard


Entrance: Wile-E emerges from behind a rock and readies himself for battle

Victory: Wile-E celebrates his genius by smirking smugly and putting one hand with one finger out upwards

Defeat: Wile-E looks at the screen with a defeated expression as he then holds up a sign saying “uh oh”

Basic attack: Wile-E throws a stick of TNT at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Tunnel of pain

Passive: each basic attack from Wile-E coyote has a 50% chance to deal damage overtime to a target foe.

Active: Wile-E paints a tunnel behind himself then a train comes out of the tunnel which rides through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each foe that the train passes and silencing each enemy the train passes for 10 seconds

Green: Instant boulder

Every third basic attack, a boulder falls onto the enemy with the least amount of health, dealing X damage to the foe and stunning them for 10 seconds.

If the foe is under 45% of their max HP, this move will instead silence the foe for 10 seconds.

Blue: Guaranteed to Return

Wile-E coyote throws a boomerang at the enemy with the least amount of health, the boomerang deals X damage on the first trip and deals X damage when it hits the foe for the second time.

The boomerang also hits Wile-E on the head, making him immune to knockbacks for 5 seconds.

Purple: Coyote hunger

Each silence from Wile-E coyote or another ally heals all teammates for X amount.

Red: Super genius

“Tunnel of pain” now gives Wile-E coyote a shield for X amount that makes Wile-E immune to being studied for until the shield dissapears or is destroyed.

Each basic attack has a 43% chance to extend the length of any disable on a enemy.
+X damage to “Guaranteed to return”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Wile-E coyote/Syndrome
Genius complex
Study immunity

Wile-E coyote is now immune to studies for 5 seconds whenever he defeats a silenced enemy.

Wile-E coyote/Donald duck
Birdicus tastious
Super healing when threatened

All healing done by Wile-E coyote is now doubled by X amount whenever he is below X% of his max HP.

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