Crazy little Chicken (Likely concept)

Chicken little

Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“Run for your lifes, everybody run for cover!”

Chicken little uses his resourcefulness to deal damage with anything he can use in battle


Entrance: Chicken little lands onto the battlefield and strikes a pose

Victory: Chicken little sings into a spoon

Defeat: Chicken little becomes sadden and looks at the ground with disappointment

Basic attack: Chicken little hits the nearest enemy with a baseball bat, dealing X damage.


White: Run for cover

Chicken little rings the schoolhouse bell to warn everybody about the sky falling, dealing X damage to all enemies and silencing all enemies for 7 seconds.

Green: Don’t swing

Chicken little swings his baseball bat with some accidental force at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy, knocking the enemy back and stunning the enemy for 5 seconds.

Blue: Soda strike

Chicken little throws a bottle of orange soda at the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies, slowing their movement and attack speeds by 55% for 7 seconds and having a 35% chance to inflict fatigue to each enemy per each second.

Purple: Sky is falling

Every 5 seconds, a ufo panel disguised as a piece of the sky falls onto the enemy who has been stunned last. Dealing X damage to the enemy and stunning that enemy for 5 seconds.

Red: One little slip

“Run for cover” now drains 25% energy per each second of the silence dealt by this skill.

Each stun dealt by chicken little now increases the amount of damage that each ally and chicken little deals to the stunned enemies by 45%
+X damage to “Don’t Swing”
+X skill power
+X crit power


Chicken little/Pleakley
Sky pieces
“Soda strike” steals speed

“Soda strike” now steals 5% attack speed from each enemy and gives it to himself.

Chicken little/Fear
Recipe for disaster
stuns increases normal crit

All stuns dealt by chicken little increases his normal crit by 15%

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