Customize Penguin Idea

Everyone (probably) wants customizeable characters in the game. So I got an idea in the form of…

So here’s the pitch, players must get 10 “Club Penguin” chips, but they will get he/she (depends) free with a free crate. Players get customize what their penguin look likes, what they do, and the other stuff.


Players get to choose what color there penguin will be.

Red - :red_circle:
Blue - :large_blue_circle:
Green - :green_circle:
Yellow - :yellow_circle:
Orange - :orange_circle:
Purple - :purple_circle:
White - :white_circle:
Pink - :yarn:
Black - :black_circle:
Brown - :brown_circle:

There’s lots of color but I think @Polaris should stick with these (it’s a lot of stuff for this idea).

For the eyes, depending on the gender, boys get regular eyes while girls have eyes with eyelashes.


All players will be given two things. Both genders will Black Glasses (default) and depending on the gender, boys get a light blue backwards cap and girls get a small pink bow.

Players can get more accessories by completing certain missions or buying them in the “Penguin Mart” with “Peguin Tokens”. You get “Penguin Tokens” in the normal campaign. The “Peguin Mart” is like the Market, it is only available when you complete chapter 2.


Players can choose what’s it’s role is, where they will be in the battlefield, and what their moves will be.


Name - Type Here
Role - Tank, Damage, Control, or Support
Quote - Type Here
Position - Front, Middle, or Back
Basic Attack - Slap (Front only) or tosses an :ice_cube:
Bio - Type Here
Enter: Waddles in or slides in
Wins: Dances
Defeat: Falls on back


Puffin Stampede
Normal damage :fist:
A bunch of Puffins charge through the screen, dealing X damage to all enemies.

Pizza Party
Brings out pizza, heals himself/herself X hp.

or Toaster Bomb
Fantastic damage :stars:
Tosses a toaster bomb to the farrest enemies, dealing X damage to the farrest and nearby enemies.


You’re Banned
Tosses a “You’re banned” to a random enemy, stunning that enemy for 7 seconds.

The stun may fail if the enemy is above level X.

Snowball Fight
Fantastic damage :stars:
Tosses 3 snowballs at the 3 closest enemies, dealing X damage and freezing them for 7 seconds.

The freeze may fail if the enemy is above level X.

or Flour Toss
Tosses a bag of flour to the enemy team, blinding all enemies for 7 seconds.

The blind may fail if the enemy is above level X.


Iceberg Chucks
Normal damage :fist:
Tosses a giant ice cube, dealing X damage.

Pirate Picnic
Normal damage :fist:
Starts swing a wooden sword 3 times, dealing X damage per hit.

or Ninja Peguin
Fantastic damage :stars:
Takes a hot sauce and squeezes it, and it sprays fire, dealing X damage to nearby enemies.


Biggest Game
Is now immune to debuffs.

This may fail if he/she is above level X.

or Puffin Paradise
A Puffin hops in, charming the 3 closest enemies for 10 seconds.

This may fail if the enemy is above level X.

Red - Club Peguin
Now has X more hp.

Friends - Idk, I’ll let @Polaris decide.

Thos may not be great but this a complicated concept than Twinkles. If there is any questions, come ask me!

This is interesting… I do not think this will happen. Ever. We kind of have this feature with our profiles, and the fact that these characters can fight makes it bad. Here is what I think:

I seriously think you should not have @ed Polaris.

What if a girl does not want eyelashes? You are gender stereotyping which is wrong.

Same thing as the eyes thing.

No just no. In fact, we do not need this feature at all. The game has enough as is. Points for creativity, but none for common sense and knowing this will never happen.



I’m just gonna say this, this is not a good idea and the names and quotes of the characters are going to be inappropriate


Yes, I agree. Even if there are censors to prevent that, this whole idea is just trash. I like the idea, and I do give points for creativity, but all those points are subtracted down to 0 due to lack of common sense.

Sorry if it came out as harsh, but it’s my saying.


Me when I saw this:
No offense, it’s just something that could end up being bogus.


@Xavier_The_Great yea

Don’t revive dead topics.

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