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Disclaimer: The quote and moves are made up by me. This character was scrapped from the 3rd Spongebob Movie (I wonder why because “Spongebob vs The Space Cats” would be cool). Heres a Link to one of the deleted scenes he appeared in.

Twinkles (Spongebob: Spongebob on the Run (scrapped))

He’s a :yarn: backline damage.

“Feffer! Why are in front of a suburban neighborhood instead in front of The White House?!”

Bio: Ruling over an army of space cat, Twinkles takes out all who opposes him.

Team: :gem:


A ship lands behind the backline and a ramp goes down. Twinkles walks down the ram pl and into position. The ramp goes up and the ship flies off when Twinkles reaches his position.

(They are probably not going to use this ship but I’m using it because it looks like Samus’ ship from Metroid.)

Win: He crossed his arms while a evil grin forms on his face.

Defeat: Water pours down on him and looks at the player with a angered and annoyed face.

Basic attack: He throws a wrench, dealing X damage.


:white_circle: Get them!
Fantastic damage :stars:
Twinkles points to the enemy team and the ship from earlier flies down (it doesn’t land though) and fires lasers at the enemy, dealing X damage to all enemies.

:green_circle: Kitty Army
Normal damage :fist:
Twinkles begins to growl and points towards the enemy team, and a bunch of cats in mech suits charges in, dealing X damage to all enemies.

:large_blue_circle: Ungrateful Sponge
Fantastic damage :stars:
Twinkles takes out a laser gun and fires 3 shots at 3 random enemies, dealing X damage to the enemies who hit by the lasers.

:purple_circle: Hold Still!
Whenever an enemy dodges an attack, Twinkles get mad, increasing his attack speed and speed by 78% for 12 seconds and blinding the enemy who dodge the attack for 9 seconds and then other enemies for 5 seconds. Twinkles can do this move every 8 seconds.

The blind for the enemies who didn’t dodge an attack may fail if the enemy is above level X.

:red_circle: Earth is Mine!
Twinkles heals himself X hp and gains 400 energy every time an enemy is K.O.ed while they had a debuff.


Twinkles and Cheshire Cat
Cat Attack
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Scar, Simba & Nala
Twinkles wants to take over the city and tricks Cheshire Cat to helping him.
Mad Army
“Get Them!” and “Kitty Army” deals X extra damage to invisible enemies.

Twinkles and Eggman
Powerful Armys
Allies: Hiro, Bender, Starlight Glimmer
Eggman challenges Twinkles to a battle of armys.
Robo Cats
“Ungrateful Sponge” stuns the random enemies hit by the lasers for 10 seconds.

The stun may fail if the enemy is above level X.

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