CW Reset bug

The other night, i noticed my CW reset went back up to 2 even if I already completed the daily quest and did the reset. I didnt use the extra reset, thinking it could be an added perk (although, i know 2 is the maximum number of resets) and expected it will be raised to 3 the following day. But when I checked yesterday, the reset was still at 2. So i thought it might be a bug. I played my CW yesterday and did the reset again. However, this morning, my number of reset is still at 1 as if none was added today. Can you please check what happened here and add my extra reset for today? Thanks

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Its happen to me. I’m in server13.

As part of the update of City Watch, the resets were adjusted, so they behave like resources now. They aren’t granted at the daily reset, but refill over time. I’ve asked the team to add a ‘more in’ timer for them so players know when to expect another reset.

Thanks! Will the refill timer be set to 24hrs?

1 reset gained per 24 hours.

Thank you for clarifying this. :):blush:

Any chance for a Orange “CW Reset” consumable in the works :grin:

Need to make a correction to my previous statement.
City Watch resets still generate at the daily reset time (5AM). The change to a consumable was to make tracking them easier for support, and there shouldn’t have been a chance to your experience with them. If you have 0 resets, and you tap the reset button, it does have a timer in a pop up that shows when the next one will be available.

So, if you’re not getting your City Watch reset at the correct time, please let us know so we can check the logs.

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Interesting, thanks - I’m quite sure mine aren’t popping up at 5am, I’ll have a check tomorrow. It’s possible that they are popping up at 5am server side, instead - could the setting be wrong?

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Same here. I actually get my CW resets at 6pm.

@Pipsqueak and @Angry_Mike Do your daily chances reset at 5AM still? And what time zone are you using in the game?

I believe so, though I’m not usually awake at that time to confirm :sweat_smile:
My time zone is GMT+1 :slight_smile:

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Mine’s GMT+8. Yes, daily chances are at 5am, but cw reset is at 6pm.

That does sound like it’s popping at server time then - I assume your check-in is at 6pm also? Mine is at 11am which could be when it pops. That’s 5am PB time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Our check-in time is at 6pm :slight_smile:

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In France it reset at noon. It’s really weird. And its one cw less than before for contest (who are ending at 10am)

Can confirm that my reset refilled at 11am GMT this morning - it definitely seems to be 5AM server-side

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Yeah. I lost the chance for CW Reset refill because i wasnt able to reset it after i played when the contest started. It was already too late when I went back to do the reset. :pensive: