D23 expo 2022

Tomorrow is D23 expo 2022 you have to see it is going to be good

Friday September 9 9:00am Pixar and Disney animation studios

Saturday September 10 Disney television animation 3:30pm 5:00pm

Sunday September 11 1:00pm Walt Disney imagineering 70 years

There is a new show coming to Disney channel call Kiff is about a squirrel and her best friend bunny to expeditions to help the animals through the mountains it comes out next year on Disney channel it going to cute


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It looks like every other cartoon from the past few years. Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn…

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Kiff is going to be a cute show you have to see it just like Amphibia who will be your favorite character is it Kiff the squirrel or her best buddy Barry the rabbit

Something to also keep in mind is the Game Showcase :-).

Personally really hoping for new Kingdom Hearts info, but yeah new games and new content updates for existing mobile games is likely I think, as well as many console games if not also PC games.

Should be fun to see what we get to play ^^.

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Today is D23 expo so be ready

Someone can post here the news about the D23 (about games of course)?

Sure, can do :-).

I think maybe 1 hour left to the game showcase.


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Just one true Disney original there. And it already have her character in the game.

Can’t wait for them to toss Owl House under the rug like it never existed

The Game Showcase has started now :-).

Got to say, not exactly impressed if this is all of what will be shown new unannounced games wise.

It was like… nothing.

I didn’t necessarily expect Kingdom Hearts 4, but I thought at least Kingdom Hearts Missing Link would be shown as its beta test should be this fall.

Well, I guess Tokyo Game Show is in a few weeks, so maybe I get to know more then.

“20th Years of Kim Possible”

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This was shown off at D23 EXPO technically, but yeah really surprised by that there were no trailer for it in the Game Showcase.

At least we now know some more about about Disney’s Lorcana :-).

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It’s part 2 of d23 expo at 3:30pm you have to see some sneak peek of the new Disney channel show Kiff

I don’t really have the time or money to invest in a trading card game, but that is some beautiful artwork.

Hehe, I too would prefer not to spend the amount of money needed to be competitive in a TGC, but I would definitely be up for checking out the digital version and earn cards by playing :-).

That said, definitely agree that the art is really pretty ^^.

Apart of Inside Out 2, was something else exciting announced?

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