Daisy Duck (DuckTales Hero Concept)

Daisy Duck

Daisy brightens people’s days with her optimism, and ruins enemies’ days with her fierce attitude.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “It must be destiny. Good thing destiny doesn’t control my love life.”

Entrance: Daisy Duck skips into the battlefield.
Victory: Daisy giggles gleefully.
KO: Daisy gasps in horror.

Basic Attack: Daisy slaps enemies, stunning them for 1 second.

White Skill - Shame On You - Normal Damage
Daisy kicks the closest enemy and sends them crashing into the furthest enemy, dealing X damage to both enemies and stunning them for 4 seconds.

Green Skill - Outdoor Person
Daisy is joined by songbirds. Once the songbirds begin to sing, she steals X HP and reality from all enemies.

Blue Skill - Romantic Getaway
At the start of each wave, Daisy charms the strongest enemy for 6 seconds. The charmed enemy has their attack speed increased by 70%.

Purple Skill - Look Who It Is
Daisy gains X energy for every second an enemy is stunned by her “Shame On You” skill. Her armor is increased to X, and her attack speed is increased by 30%.

Red Skill - You Again?
Daisy’s Basic Skill power increases to X each time allies or charmed enemies deal damage.

Daisy Duck + Donald Duck
Campaign: Calm and Collected - Daisy has finally met her limit on putting up with Donald’s rage episodes. She decides to take him to some therapy sessions run by different citizens in the City.
Disk: Deep Breaths
Disk Memory: Daisy cannot take damage while an enemy is charmed by her “Romantic Getaway” skill.
Disk Power: Z energy gain
Allies: Rafiki, Kevin Flynn, Yax

Daisy Duck + Minnie Mouse
Campaign: Relationship Status - Daisy and Minnie chat about how their relationships with Mickey and Donald are holding up. One’s too perfect, and the other’s not even close to perfect, so they work to balance it out.
Disk: Just a Little Love
Disk Memory: Daisy’s max HP increases each time she gains HP.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power
Allies: Calhoun, Sulley & Boo, Zurg

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