Deals Over Max Friendship Memories

Why @Loutre is this given to me when I already have the disk maxed? Useless deal and does not make me want to buy it at all and is a loss in money for PB… especially the ones who gave me the deal

A gif of Rafiki yeeting the deal away


I mean, it does also give you Disk Power, perhaps that’s why they gave you the deal.

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I agree that these deals should be removed.
Unless we have a CLEAR plan for how excess memories will be compensated for, not spending on these deals.

Today’s deals:

Again not needed

Same here :angry:

This could be spelling the end of DHBM🤔 That or PB employees are getting payed less now because of the dealers bad decision to give these to people who already have the disk maxed… it’s one thing if it’s the 2PM deals that come in a four pack but this just is sad to see

There was an issue in the deal system this weekend, but a temporary fix has been put in so that should help! Team is looking into the issue still!


Thanks Loutre :+1::otter:

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