Deals you would like to pay for

So as people know deal have been less appealing recently to help manage resources or balance the game or something?
What I want to know is what deals you like and what items you would like in deals to help balance resources, for example recently we have had a lower number of stamina packs with more raid tickets, unfortunately most people don’t like the raid tickets so what would you like instead? (Just please remember this probably can’t include more stamina, as much as that would be nice)


An idea I had was maybe borders? Remember those borders that were shown but never put in-game, well I would love for them to replace the raid tickets
These ones

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Those borders you showed to us before still don’t appear in-game. However, there are a lot of new borders that are way cooler than the ones that’ve been removed. I’m keeping my eye on the Donald Duck border. I just wish some borders would be available in the Collection shop.

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I agree the new borders are nice but I would also like to have those old ones added too, and a couple of them really could be added to the collection shop as that was kind of the point of that shop but it seems to have been forgotten

I think it would be helpful to a lot of players (particularly low or none spenders) if there were some deals that allowed people to buy shop tokens. We tend to get offers for badge bazaar and memory store tokens but I get the feeling that if people could buy some heist/war/challenge tokens to give them a boost, not only would it help them out in the short term but might actually encourage more participation in the modes long term.

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Here’s an image of the new borders. But I’m 100% sure they won’t put it on sale. These will make people encouraged to participate in the contests.

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That could be great!
I know that I personally don’t have time or energy to do heists so it would be great to get some heist tokens!

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Things I don’t like to see:

  • Raid tickets
  • Lower amount of ‘premium’ stamina than regular stamina - it should be the same amount, else it’s not premium (I know this is the case for diamond deals :slight_smile: )
  • Double Elite bags
  • Shop tokens other than Badge Bazaar

Things that have persuaded me to make small purchases in the past:

  • Red ‘Unique’ deals (ie. 350 stamina for $5)
  • 3x Stacking deals - these are rare but can provide great value
  • Diamond Crates - a bit of a 50/50 one because they have been so badly devalued that thousands can now be bought for pittance, but while sad in itself, that also means that for those needing lots of stars or gold, they provide good value for the cost. We need new upgrade tiers though…

Things I’d like to see more of (same can be applied to contest rewards):

  • Event Crate items - any DS player will know what these are
  • Badge Bazaar tokens
  • Useful consumables in low-price deals - ie. Double Normal bags, Double Hero & Team XP, etc.
  • Mods & Mod Upgrade items - the average player doesn’t get anywhere near enough from Invasion.

Things I don’t want to see in the future:

  • Costume Threads - if people don’t have these, it’s probably because they don’t spend and didn’t place in a contest. Putting them in a deal won’t entice many and will put off those who have them.
  • Borders - for the same reason

I have 60+ heist tickets, but I’m too lazy to do heists. Maybe 100 heist tokens for each heist ticket is okay with me.

I don’t want to see a thread shop, a terrible idea. But I wanna see a thread offer in the existing shops… Black and Mega Market to be exact.


Also what about a new your choice crate offer? So it could contain X amount of stamina/ a mod and some upgrade items/ disk power gold and some badges?
And you would choose which offer you wanted to suit what you need, so instead of buying items you would buy the crate but either the contents of the crate are decided when you buy the offer or it is delivered to you straight away and has to be opened then
It could even be multiple crates with smaller amounts of each in them, similar to the weekly rewards


I just wanted to show this here too!
So maybe keep the raid tickets but make them more useful than they are currently


that’s basically what those were. They were consumable crate items, like the diamond crate items we can store now, but they were for event crates and contained contents for the running event crate at the time of opening.

So if I had 40 saved up, I could choose to open 10 during a Hero Chip crate event, 10 during a Memory Gold crate event, another 10 during… etc etc


Thanks, its just an idea but it can easily be regulated which makes it a win win for everyone

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I hope they eventually put some borders on sale. I participate in contests but many times I don’t get high enough ranking.

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Borders becoming exclusive for deals? Please no :sweat_smile:

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I like most of the ideas here, but stamina drives this game and the stamina offers have decreased dramatically. I was F2P for my first ten months and then bought several of the “limited” deals for 800 stamina batteries and 500 diamond crates. I was able to compete at a much higher level after just two to three of those purchases and those are the ones I look for. If I have to I will only buy the $5 350 stamina battery and $10 400 diamond crate specials. I have to see the value knowing what my money used to earn…

I was looking to see more feedback on this topic… What would you ladies and gentlemen think are good deals?

These deals was best, so bad that PB don’t do that anymore.

Well, the best deals were before the pirate contest, after that, well…Not so good :sweat_smile:

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