December Shop Refresh

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode December Shop Refresh!

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode December Shop Refresh! Keep reading for information on the next hero rotation, plus a new Trial Event right around the corner!

Kim Possible Collection Mini Trials

The Kim Possible Collection Mini Trials start soon! Starting on December 9, play with Kim Possible, Duff Killigan, Dr. Drakken, Ron Stoppable, and Shego to take on this new Trial Event! But be quick - this event will only last a few days before it disappears!

December Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on November 30.

Existing Heroes

  • Meilin Lee will be an event exclusive hero
  • Quasimodo will only be available from the Battle Pass
  • Eeyore will replace Sarah Sanderson in the City Watch Shop
  • Manticore will replace Barley Lightfoot in the Creep Surge Shop
  • Linguini & Remy will replace Dr. Facilier in the Arena Shop
  • Mad Madam Mim will replace Daisy Duck in the Coliseum Shop
  • Robin Hood will replace John Silver in the Heist Shop
  • Slinky Dog will replace Winnie the Pooh in the Guild War Shop

This is gonna be fun!


Impossible to get, you mean.

Change the rotation system. :roll_eyes:




20 years this time :clock7:

More Eeyore EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy EmojiBlitzEeyore-Unhappy

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Daisy Duck is gone already?? Shouldn’t she be in shop for 1 more month? Or am I mistaken?

I still need A LOT of her hero chips and you guys stopped offering shop refresh a long time ago @loutre @nugget

Could you guys pls bring those back? Shop refresh is really useful for token shops

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I assume Zootopia Heroes will be included in this one.

Please, could they be available in next “big” Trial Event? Roughly 10 heroes is kinda too restrictive still, 15 at least gives a chance for some different combat ways. Thanks.

About the rotations…

Expected but eh… as usual “event exclusive hero” with no attachment = “not obtainable”, why not just write it that way…


Is another hero gonna get a refresh,if so can it be either Ralph or Zurg

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Most of these hero refreshes looks just fine for me. Boy, this year is ending off way too fast for me.:sweat:

Now that’s what I like to see

We’re going to be changing the “event exclusive” spot to be “IAP exclusive” for future patch notes. For now, these heroes will be exclusive for 2-3 weeks, during that time these heroes can only be acquire through IAPs. We’re trying this to make the Prize Wall/Battle Pass heroes feel more exclusive.

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And hype died.
Unless these will be special deals like the current franchise deals, 900 chips for $10 is a good value.

So? After a while they will land in outdated by 5 years guild and vip crate and then tokens crate.
It all needs to be eliminated.

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It’s the same as franchise deals we’re just changing the name for patch notes so it’s not “event exclusive”. Nothing is actually changing with the shop rotation.


With the “event crates” (Arena, Coli, CW), the rotation is just too long.

PW → BP/Contest Reward → IAP → VIP → Guild → Diamond → Elite would be the best

and the Arena, Coli, CW Crates could be given all of the special heroes at the exact chance (PW, BP, Contest, IAP, VIP, Guild)… and Challenger Arena/Coli could give such crates as well instead of a special hero which takes ages to even get to 6*.

That’d be my “ideal rotation”. Although I’d probably delete IAP so :man_shrugging:

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The games gonna be good like the one I’m hosting now

Why did you put syndrome and king louie and Russell and Kevin we want take away mad madam mim and slinky dog Robin Hood

Well, considering you’ve ditched Sign In Heroes which had a 6-month rotation to be “free”, I think the next to ditch should indeed be Token Crates.

It’s whopping 6 months! And prime example is Mother Gothel, who was in Prize Wall in early July, but now is just barely in Diamond Crates, which means she will be in a shop like… just after New Year. So indeed exactly 6 months.

Pacha was locked for almost 7 months with the introduction of Battle Pass :frowning_face:
April 28 - November 22, simply too long.
I know the hero has to be “exclusive”… at the same time, 7 months is way too much of a wind down. 4, or even better, 3 months would be ideal, but I get rather impossible.



Are you only referring to Elite Campaign?

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Alright and Kim Possible Trials pretty nice I guess lol :slightly_smiling_face::+1::ok_hand::heart::orange_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::black_heart::purple_heart:

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I was kinda hoping to see the Jafar and Woody disk bug fixed by now

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