Delaying Prize Wall to 3/18

Hello everyone! Due to a bug found with Underminer we will be delaying the Prize Wall to Friday, 3/18 at 9am CT. We will need to do an update to get this fix in and are waiting for app store approval.

If we need to delay further we will let you know, but we are hopeful that this will be approved quickly for us to get the Prize Wall ready to start on Friday, 3/18.


OK…someone has to ask…any compensation for the delay? Sorry…just dying for the resources the prize wall brings and dead in the water 7ntil then :pensive: PS - thx for all that you do Loutre!


Two bugged updates in a row?

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No compensation. It’s just being delayed, it will run for the same length.

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Well…at least I was first post so I have that to keep me warm!

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This isn’t an update, it’s just a simple PRIZE WALL delay, which isn’t really an update



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So we will have one day less? Or the ending time has been moved a day too?

From friday to friday, yes.

Ends on April Fools, huh.

So @Loutre, what was the bug that you found from The Undeminer?

Probably this.


Ah, I see.
At least the bug will be fixed. After that, I’m adding The Underminer to my coliseum team. Hyped for him. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand. Those game bugs are “bugging” me out sometimes.

It says it’s an update though :joy:


O thanks i was clicking on the prize wall

Can we stop making the final reward yellow rank? No one in my guild has been able to do it and we have yellows, not enough time.


Ok, and I just wanted to ask if Undermined is stronger than Zeus or Shego

The answer is no.

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I don’t think 13 days is enough, it wasn’t enough for me at all

I can relate to that lol

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