DH January Shop Refresh & Prize Wall

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update! This release features Luca & Alberto plus the January Shop Refreshes.


  • New! Luca & Alberto from Disney and Pixar’s Luca!
  • January Shop Refresh!

Luca & Alberto

Luca & Alberto are a mid-line ”Control” duo on the Red team. Luca & Alberto will be available in the Prize Wall starting January 5th.


Scooter Over

Passive: Luca uses his wrench to repair their bike, granting him and Alberto a Shield for a percentage of their Max HP for a duration. Active: Luca and Alberto accidentally crash their scooter into the enemy team, dealing Fantastic Damage to each enemy and Knocking them back. Each enemy hit has their Movement and Attack Speed reduced by a percentage for a duration. When Luca and Alberto return from their side of the battlefield, they gain a percentage increase in Skill Power for a duration.

Soccer Stun

Luca kicks a soccer ball at the frontmost enemy and accidentally bounces it between enemies nearby. Each enemy hit is dealt Normal Damage, Stunned for a duration, and has their Armor and Reality reduced by a percentage for a duration. If there is one enemy left, the ball will damage them once.

Monster Distraction

Alberto sprays himself with a seltzer bottle, Distracting the frontmost enemies for a duration. During this time, Luca and Alberto gain a Shield for a percentage of their Max HP and Heal for a certain amount of HP per second. Enemies Distracted by Luca and Alberto have their Movement and Attack Speed reduced by a percentage for a duration.

Silenzio Bruno!

If Luca and Alberto have a certain amount or more active debuffs, they shout “Silenzio Bruno", Cleansing themselves, gaining a Shield for HP and a percentage increase in Attack Speed for a duration. Luca and Alberto can cast this Skill even if they are Stunned or Silenced.


Enemies Slowed by Luca and Alberto have their Armor, Reality and Evasion reduced by a percentage for a duration. Enemies hit by “Soccer Stun” now gain stacks of Fatigue and have their Tenacity reduced by a percentage for a duration. When Luca and Alberto have a Speed buff, they gain a percentage more Skill Power during the duration. Luca and Alberto’s Shields now provide stacks of Hardy, plus bonus Fantastic Damage to “Scooter Over”.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Slow is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +Max HP per Red Team Ally
  • Effect Buff: Attack and Move Speed Increase


  • Lilo
  • Huey, Dewey & Louie

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on December 31.

New Heroes

  • Luca & Alberto will be available in the Prize Wall starting Thursday, January 5th

Existing Heroes

  • Quasimodo will be an IAP exclusive hero
  • Mayor Bellwether will be a Battle Pass Exclusive hero for January
  • Russel & Kevin will replace Scrooge McDuck in the Arena Shop
  • Disgust will replace Huey, Dewey & Louie available in the Guild War Shop
  • Minnie Mouse will replace Powerline in the Heist Shop
  • Peter Pan will replace Hopper in the Surge Shop
  • Demona will replace Shan Yu in the Coliseum Shop
  • The Horned King will replace the Sheriff of Nottingham in the City Watch
  • Powerline, Hopper, Huey, Dewey & Louie, Scrooge McDuck, Shan Yu, and Sheriff of Nottingham will be available in the Elite Campaign

Why? Oh why. Why.
And where is Vespa?

… yay, I guess.

If the deal was at least good. But isn’t.



This seems nice. Nothing special but it’s nice to see new heroes every few weeks lol


I prepared “:coffin::smiling_imp:


I knew it was gonna be Luca and Alberto and I have to say there are a lot of Pixar franchises on the Red Team


Luca & Alberto will be the first heroes since Chip & Dale to be a pair. That’s - can you believe that? - more than a year’s gap between these two. (The Horned King has his Cauldron-Born army, and Mother Gothel has the Stabbington Brothers, but the Horned King and Gothel are like, the main heroes)


Luca & Alberto are here since I do love that movie Luca.


We got luca and Alberto! I did not expect
Them to be a duo.



Should need a strong buffs.

And Where’s is 4.6? :eyes:


Espero que sea bueno esté heroe y no sea nerfeado como Zeus … lo deje de Usarlo despues de lo que hicierón … Gracias por eso… !! Una pregunta como o que función tiene el disco de Honey Lemon - Sally … Parece que no hace nada… como los enemigos se hacen daño a ellos mismos … !!! Pueden aclararme eso?!!


that’s it ↑


My two favorite Pixar characters are coming! Yay!


If I am not wrong, this is 4.6.


It isn’t, otherwise, it would say.


I can’t wait to get Luca/Alberto!


Nice heroes!! So glad they are a duo. As always, the art team did incredible with this one!! Love all their skills, and I can see them being very powerful, with all the healing and shielding. Nice shop refreshes too!! Elite campaign is good (even though I am not at that level yet). Overall, great update :+1::+1:


Well getting luca and alberto was unexpected I honestly thought we were going to get nani or tiana but I know someday we’ll get them in game soon but also I’m excited for luca and alberto’s prize wall


@Loutre when will you announce where the other heroes rotate to on the 5th when the Prize wall starts? The following heroes should also rotate at the start of a new prize wall rotation, I also added in what my predicted movement for each are:

  • Cinderella rotate into Contest reward out of being Prize wall exclusive up to last week.
  • Meilin Lee rotate out from Contest reward exclusive into VIP Crate
  • The Mayor rotate out of the VIP crate into Guild Crate
  • 22 rotate out of the Guild Crate into City Watch Token Crate
  • Prince Phillip rotate out of the City Watch Token Crate into Diamond Crate
  • Mother Gothel rotate out of Diamond Crate exclusive into Elite campaign

Thanks :slight_smile:


Mamma Mia! What an exciting way to end off this year with two underdogs. It feels great to have characters from Luca, and I can potentially see other characters to show up later as well. I just can’t believe we’re ending 2022 very quickly, and I hope 2023 will be worth it for me and everyone else.:sweat:
Some of the refreshes look fine to me, and honestly I don’t have much to say otherwise.
Well folks, this is it. I don’t feel ready to enter the new year yet. But since 2022 is nearly over, I’ll see you all in January 2023. So to conclude this message: Happy New Year!:partying_face::tophat::rainbow::fireworks::birthday:


Umm who’s going into guild crate?

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