DHBM Hero Balance and power creep

Hi everyone

I decided to create this (quite long) post, specifically to voice our concerns with regards to the power creep currently in the game, and specifically relating to the post below:

and Numi’s added concern:

Few caveats before we start:

  • I have excluded badges equipped to heroes, only base stats were used
  • Position of heroes (front, back and middle) were ignored just for the sake of simplicity
  • Hero refreshes were included in the “timeline” where the refresh was announced in the Patch Notes, indicated by Green on the graph
  • Only the three basic stats of heroes were assessed (HP, Skill Power, Basic Damage) - the blue line on the secondary (right) axis represents the “Base” stat, where the Red/Green graph is indicative of the increase per Hero Level on the primary (left) axis
  • In my opinion, the power creep is evident from the increase in Level, as the base stat is too small to significantly influence the power at the current levels for all servers
  • I also acknowledge that each hero’s skills are not only based on SP or BD and this impacts the stats of a hero, as well as the other stats (evasion, crit, reality, armort, energy regen, etc.) and therefore not 100% comparable as an overview.

TANK HEROES - 7 refreshes

  • From the above, it is evident that Bo Peep was Overpowered in both Basic Damage and Skill Power for her time, but was on par with other heroes’ HP.
  • The latest spike is evident from Sherif of Nottingham, having significantly higher in BD and HP than any other hero, despite being a backline tank hero
  • Shank’s refresh brought her SP and BD up to par with current heroes, however her HP is behind her peers.

DAMAGE HEROES - 10 refreshes

  • From the above it is evident that Ron Stoppable has significantly higher BD and HP compared to other current heroes
  • Ducky and Bunny had significantly more SP than other heroes from a similar time
  • Pleakley also has higher SP than other heroes in the same time, even with Darkwing’s refresh.

CONTROL HEROES - 6 refreshes

  • From the above it is evident that Honey Lemon had significantly more HP than other heroes at the time, which decreased further given an indication of her Overpowered stats
  • All the refreshes for Control heroes (Hiro, Finnick, Genie, Wall-E, Tia and Dr. Facilier) did not assist their stats, as they were still outdated compared to other heroes from the same period
  • Jumba which was locked behind Challenger rewards for months had signifcantly higher HP and BD stats as well

SUPPORT HEROES - 1 refresh

  • From the above it is evident that Kronk’s stats are higher than other heroes
  • The refresh for Gizmoduck brought his stats up to par with similar heroes, but was not helped with the nerf to his Invasion usefulness
  • Tron, who was also locked behind challenger rewards for a while had better BD than any hero in the same period, only being beat by Timon&Pumbaa previously
  • Russel and Kevin had a signficant jump in HP , where Esmeralda’s BD is significantly more than the closes other hero.


As a final thought - this clearly shows the massive power creep in all stats over time, and hero refreshes are not helping as much as some players would like in order to bring back older characters and diversify the meta.

Thank you for reading - any feedback welcome :slight_smile:



This post is so long and detailed!

But anyways, power creep isn’t an issue for me unless it goes up rapidly; I use mods to help fight power creep.

They are more saying the new characters are always going to be much more powerful then the existing characters.

As time goes on the older characters will quickly become irrelevant.

In PB’s defense, it makes sense for them as a company because they need us to spend money to upgrade the new characters so they make money and keep updating the game,

If Ralph and Yax were still the best no one would bother with anything else.

The key is to find a happy medium between old and new characters so the player base isn’t struggling and PB is still profitable enough to keep working on the game,

That I agree with, it is a business and it needs to make money.
It is just scary that the graph over the last 6 months have been more exponential, whereas previously it has been somewhat linear.

The links are opposite.

Obviously, the number of refreshes is just too small.

But this, not only support heroes are the smallest group in-game, but they also got just one refresh, it’s really unfair.

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