Dhbm interactive stories

Stories will be told…and you get to choose the path the story will go or…you can create your own interactive story(using the magic of polls)



Is this pretty much like the “Behind the story, fan made” thread?


…with a twist

I’m assuming you meant that we can make AUs of DHBM’s Campaign or make up a story that deals with the DHBM world, rather than what’s happening in the Campaign right now?

I like the idea, may I try?

A stormy night in the city buzz light year and goofy were headed to the subway to meet up with some of the other heroes, as they were walking they were stopped by some creeps “PuRGe the ERROr” the two heroes run from the creeps but get captured, they only have buzzes laser and goofys dancing.

What should they do to escape?

  • Buzz’s laser
  • Goody’s dancing

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Buzz and Goofy escape. They run down the street and come to an intersection, with one road going right and the other left. There are many buildings and shops on both sides and they don’t see anyone in either direction.
Which road should they take?

  • Left
  • Right

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a book i read once (oof i cant remember the name but it was part of a series about a mayan prophecy) had a maze where if in doubt the best path was always left. so ever since then if in doubt i always turn left XD

(edit i found it!! it was The Joshua Files by MG Harris, they are awesome books)

Buzz and Goofy dash down the left road. But now, they’ve run straight into a trap. A demonic purple ghoul creep floats in front of them, it’s laugh like a delighted cackle. Goofy and Buzz try to turn back, only to be stopped by another creep! A very agile Megaraptor creep sprints to Goofy & Buzz, growling and roaring in the same pitches that form “Purge the Errors!” Both enemies slowly close in on the duo.

  • Buzz and Goofy battle the Ghoul
  • Buzz and Goofy fight the Mecharaptor

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the mecharaptor is agile and fast, so it will still be able to chase them if they fight the ghoul. if they fight the raptor then they will be able to outrun the ghoul to escape :smiley:


Goofy and Buzz defeat the Mecharaptor. They are tired but run as the ghoul chases them. Both start to get winded. They turn a corner and see a tall tree and a pond. They decide where they should hide from the ghoul.

  • Tree
  • Pond

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Goofy and Buzz hide in the tree and the ghoul runs past it, not seeing them. They don’t know what to do next.

  • Hide in the tree for longer
  • Get down and look for more friends

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Does someone else wanna continue the story?

Goofy and buzz quickly got down from the tree and went to go find more friends but they don’t know where to go next in order to do that

  • The docks
  • The subway

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Buzz and Goofy go to the subway. As they enter three creeps surround them. What should they do?

  • Buzz’s laser
  • Goofy’s dancing
  • Get on the train that just pulled in

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The duo get on the train. They sit down and breath. At the next stop, the doors open and they see:

  • More creeps
  • Some friends

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The doors open up and Goofy and Buzz relax. They see:

  • Mickey
  • Woody

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Mickey tells Goofy and Buzz to follow him. They exit the subway and enter the city. As they head for the market, some creeps surround them. What should they do?

  • Use Mickey’s magic
  • Use Buzz’s laser
  • Use Goofy’s dancing

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So after they use their powers they have a choice…a dark alley with a certain red brick or a horde of creeps surrounding the ray of sunshine

  • Go down a dark alley and fight a horde of creeps to save Anger
  • Save Joy from the attacking horde of Goofy creeps

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They use their powers to save joy! The four of them run to a building they enter they see a sheriffs hat is on the ground! And it looks like woodys!

  • Search For Woody!
  • Leave The Hat Be

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After finding woody they see a corrupted anger assaulting young Alice!

  • Save Anger and hope Alice can defend herself
  • Help Alice from Anger and run away safely

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After saving Anger, they go down the street, filled with trash. They then decide that they’re hungry.

  • Go back to base and eat
  • Look around for food

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