Diary of a Wimpy Hero

Greg Heffley (Refresh)


“I’ll be rich and famous one day. For now I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.”

To him, his journal is an autobiography, not a diary. He hopes to be rich and famous some day, so he uses what he has right now to help deal damage to enemies.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Walks in and gets his journal out of his back pack (changes with blue skill)
Victory: Puts on some shades
Defeat: Throws his book down and face palms
Attack: Jabs enemies with his pencil

White Skill: Cheese Touch (TRUE Damage)
Greg applies the cheese touch to the “Most Wanted” enemy, dealing Z damage, bonus damage equal to 200% of Greg’s skill power over 5 seconds, and placing them under “Quarantine” for 12 seconds. The enemy under “Quarantine” will have all buffs blocked from them and debuffs against them will last 100% longer. This cannot be dodged by any source.

True Damage ignores armor and reality. The bonus damage is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Green Skill: Puke Prank (Normal Damage)
Greg throws fake puke at the closest enemy, dealing X damage, blinding them for 9 seconds, and reducing their armor by X for 12 seconds.

Blue Skill: Body Blankie (Normal Damage)
Greg now enters combat wearing a body blankie, granting himself X armor. While in this body blankie he will get sweaty, reducing his attack and movement speed by 25% but making him immune to all slows. When he reaches 50% of his Max HP, it comes off and releases his smells, dealing Y damage over 5 seconds to enemies in front of him.

Purple Skill: Hard Luck
Greg deals 75% more damage to enemies with a Damage Over Time effect.

The damage is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Rich And Famous
Each time an ally gets buffed, Greg gains Z skill power. This buff is carried from wave to wave.

Greg receives all buffs blocked from “Quarantine” and “Fatigue”. Up to 3 buffs can be gained this way once every 8 seconds. Greg gains 8 Armor Negation for every other buff he has.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Skill Power
+Z Reality

Friendship Disks:

Skipping The Books
Support Enemy Countermeasures
+Z Armor to “Body Blankie”
+Z Max HP
• When a Support role enemy uses their active skill, they will be stunned and sapped for 2 (+2 per star level) seconds.
• Support role enemies lose 5% (+5 per star level) Improved Healing.

Modern Trends
Damage Over Time Heals Allies
+Z Skill Power to Greg and Allies for the first 5 seconds of each wave. Effect is permanent if there is at least 1 Support role enemy.
+Z Damage to “Cheese Touch”
• Greg heals allies for 20% (+20 per star level) of the damage dealt by his Damage Over Time effects.
• +20% (+20 per star level) Improved Healing

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent


This is a masterpiece. 10/10.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem, keep up the great work!


I just hope others will get to see it.

With such a great concept, how would people not see?

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I think it’s maybe something from an extremely goofy movie because I think that’s where I saw the background

Its not from an extremely goofy movie sadly. It’s a character from a source you may or may not be familiar with…

this is really good! keep at it cause ur concepts are fun to see!

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Aww, thank you madame!

haha. i am a girl lol


Ok, i’ll remember that. Lol.

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Apologies for the revive, but this concept got a refresh. Posted it here to take up less space.

So what I did:

  1. Changed Greg’s Trial Team to Yellow. Red is getting crowded.
  2. Removed Laughter effect, didn’t really feel right.
  3. Changed Greg’s Friendships, now they’re Dash and Disgust.
  4. Added “Quarantine” effect to white, credit to @Imagineer_V for making the original idea.

Feedback is appreciated. Hope y’all enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the credit.

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You’re welcome!

I love this concept and i love the movie good job

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