Diary of a Wimpy Hero

Howdy y’all, Tragic Magic back again with another concept. This one featuring the so called “good guy” of his story, Greg Heffley. I’m gonna be honest, it’s a bit rushed, but it’s honest work.

Greg Heffley

Bio: Greg Heffley is a middle schooler who writes in his diary about him being rich and famous. His hilarious pranks and embarrassing moments protect the team with the power of laughter.
Quote: “I’ll be rich and famous one day. For now I’m stuck here with a bunch of morons.”
Star Level: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Enters the battlefield wearing his Body Blankie
Victory: Puts on his shades
Defeat: throws down his notebook in shame.
Attack: Marks enemies with his pencil

White Skill: Cheese Touch (TRUE Damage)
Greg applies the “Cheese Touch” to the enemy with the most skill power, dealing XXXXX damage and stunning them for 7 seconds. While the enemy is affected by the “Cheese Touch” they will receive 200% more damage from Greg and his allies and loose all stats received by the enemy team.

True damage ignores armor and reality. he cheese touch’s effects are reduced against enemies above level XX.

Green Skill: Nasty Prank (Normal Damage)
Greg throws fake puke at the frontmost enemy, dealing XXXXX damage, blinding them for 5 seconds, and reducing their reality by 25%.

Blue Skill: Body Blankie (Normal Damage)
Greg enters the battlefield wearing a body Blankie, granting him a shield that has XXXXX HP and increasing his armor by XXXXX for 10 seconds. When this shield expires, it releases his smells, which deals XXXXX damage to enemies for 3 seconds.

Purple Skill: Class Clown
“Nasty Prank” and “Body Blankie” apply 2 stacks of “Laughter” to allies for 7 seconds.

Allies take 10% less damage from all sources for each stack of “Laughter” that they have, up to a max of 6 stacks.

Greg also deals 200% to stunned enemies.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level XX.

Red Skill: Rich and Famous
Greg gains XXXXX skill power anytime buffs are applied to allies. This is reduced by 50% at the end of each wave.

Enemies loose XXXXX armor and reality while affected by “Cheese Touch”
Additional Stat Boosts:
+XXXXXX Basic Damage
+XXXXXX Reality
+XXXXXX Damage from “Nasty Prank”

Friendship Disks:

Mike (149)
Laugh Track
More Laughter
+XXXXX Armor
• Greg applies X stack(s) of “Laughter” to allies every 3rd basic attack.
• Enemies are stunned for X second(s) anytime “Laughter” is applied to allies.

Hiro (147)
Knowledge is Power
Support Enemy Countermeasures
+XX% Evasion
• Enemies loose XXXXX armor anytime a Support hero on Greg’s team uses an active ability.
• Whenever a Support enemy uses their active ability, they are stunned for X second(s) and loose XXXXX reality.

Sigh I’m not really positive about this one. If anyone can sin this, be my guest. I require feedback in order to make my concepts as best as they can. I wasn’t really confident about this one, BUT I am confident about the next one!

Coming soon!


This is a masterpiece. 10/10.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem, keep up the great work!


I just hope others will get to see it.

With such a great concept, how would people not see?

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I think it’s maybe something from an extremely goofy movie because I think that’s where I saw the background

Its not from an extremely goofy movie sadly. It’s a character from a source you may or may not be familiar with…

this is really good! keep at it cause ur concepts are fun to see!

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Aww, thank you madame!

haha. i am a girl lol


Ok, i’ll remember that. Lol.

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