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So when I was young Disney animated shows were my life especially watching it on Disney channel. There was also Toon Disney and Jetix which both turned to Disney XD and I like it. As a baby I grew up with Playhouse Disney which is now Disney Junior and it was a lot of memories and right now Disney is still making good animated shows. My point is let’s talk about Disney Animated shows or Shows that aired on Disney Channel Disney XD and Disney Junior and that are still going on right now (Jetix counts as well).

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Toon Disney, Playhouse Disney, and Jetix were my childhood. It’s so nice that they have most of the stiff on Disney+. I’m still waiting on a few shows to go in.

Disney Junior series:
Elena of Avalor
Sofia the First
The Rocketeer
Doc McStuffins

Disney Channel series:
Little Mermaid
Big Hero 6
Jake Long American Dragon
Tangled The Series
The Replacements

These are the ones I hope one day get more of/any playable characters in the game.

Yes, some of them are movie franchises, but the cartoons had exclusive characters not present in the movies.

Currently, we’ve got like 11 cartoon series only characters, so they’re definitivity an underrepresented group.


Well yeah and the best show on Jetix I be watch is Yin Yang Yo

Gotta love Amphibia and the Owl House

We just lost Amphibia and the Owl house is Next

What about Big City Greens?

I heard there’s gonna be a movie

Cars On The Road
Win or Lose

Those are the upcoming animated shows.
Looking forward to Moana and Tiana.

Don’t know what Disney Junior is getting, but ever since Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor finished, I think they stopped production on that division.

Here are the list of female Disney Channel animated legends

Star Butterfly
Anne Boonchuy
Riley Daring
Candace Flynn
Tilly Green
Brandy Harrington
Molly McGee
Luz Noceda
Maggie Pesky
Mable Pines
Penny Proud
Kim Possible
Webby Vanderquack

Here are the list of male Disney Channel legends

Kick Buttouski
Todd Daring
Marco Diaz
Dewey Duck
Huey Duck
Louie Duck
Ferb Flecher
Phineas Flynn
Cricket Green
Jake Long
Milo Murphy
Dipper Pines
Sprig Planter
Ron Stoppable

Stay tuned at 8pm for the ghost and Molly McGee’s spring shorts Tacular on Disney Channel

Zombies 3 comes to Disney + July 15th (2 days before my birthday)

So season 2 of the owl house just ended what are your thoughts on it?

The owl house is just like Amphibia all over again

I call them the Powerpuff girls of Disney Channel

Hey guys a new show called Hamster and Greek is coming this summer to Disney Channel

That seems pretty valid.

Yeah and I didn’t get to see it last night because I had class last night but I’m glad YouTube posted it along with Premiere of The Villains of Valley View and Ultraviolet & Black Scorpion

It looks very cheap.
And after Amphibia and TOH ended, nothing good left on Disney Channel.

Witchverse looks good but that will be Disney+ exclusive, and DW reboot.

There is the Ghost and Molly McGee and New episodes Premiere next Saturday at 9 on Disney Channel and he was a fact Gravity Falls Amphibia and The Owl House share a world also the Owl House isn’t over yet because it’s just like Amphibia all over again

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