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Even though their are many heroes in game, there are many heroes that we are all just dying to see in the game. And this thread, we will see many heroes that might come and the creative ways they might help in the fight against the Inventor.

Episode 1


Wendy Darling

Origin: Peter Pan (1953)

Bio: Wendy Moria Angela Darling lives in London on a quiet street in Bloomsbury. Wendy does not only believe in Peter Pan (like her brothers, John and Micheal) she is the supreme authority on the subject and loves to tell stories about Peter (much to her father’s annoyance). Initially, she had a fear of growing-up and her stories acts like a security blanket. But ironically, she is the most mature out of three Darling children. A visit to Neverland made her realize that growing-up is essential and it dosen’t mean losing her senses of imagination and wonder.

Possible Gameplay: Like most children in the game (such as Miguel and Alice), Wendy woudn’t be shown fighting the creeps directly. Her role would be a toss-up between control or support. Wendy’s skillset however would provide a much bigger challenge. In my opinion, since pixie dust plays no role in Peter’s skillset, Wendy would take advantage of that and use pixie dust as well her motherly love to support her allies in battle.

Friends: As far as Wendy’s friends go, a friendship with Peter Pan would be inevitable. Althought, there are a few more good options of other friends of children that have a unique sense of imagination or representing the joys of youth including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat, Olaf or any of the Toy Story heroes (except for Zurg of course). Speaking of a child with a unique imagination, another good option would be Alice. Not just because they’re are both little girls who were whisked away to a whimsical world, but were also voiced by the same actress: Kathryn Beaumont. Finally, and maybe for some laughs, Wendy could be friends with Jack Sparrow or Barbossa, since they, unlike Captain Hook, are good pirates (well… kinda).

Enemies: Along with her regular animosity with Captain Hook, Davy Jones would be a villain that Wendy would try to avoid. Not only is Davy a pirate, but he so much worse than Hook. Wendy woudn’t take kindly to his cruel methods (as well as his apperance). Two other people that Wendy would not like to meet in a dark alley is Oogie Boogie and Randall Boggs. A child growing into adolescence in the same city as the boogie-man and a spiteful monster in the closet, Wendy would not tolerate monsters that scare children for their own pleasure or benefit (especially if it’s John or Micheal being scared by them.)

Episode 2


Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Bio: With golden sunshine in her hair and lips that shame the red rose, Aurora (or Briar Rose to some) is a princess of grace and beauty, beloved by all who meet her. Even though her personality was not explored completely, Aurora is first a foremost: a dreamer. Aurora may be kind and beautiful, but there is one small hiccup… she was cursed by Maleficent to prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun setted on her sixteenth birthday (which was dulled to fall into a deep sleep thanks to Merryweather). She is also a hopeless romantic dreaming of meeting her perfect match. Which she did but unknown to her, the one she fell head over heels for was Phillip, a prince she was betrothed to on her christening (what a coincidence) and broke the curse.

Possible Gameplay: Much like the princesses before her, Aurora is not the action type. But don’t worry, she might not go into the battlefield alone. The three good fairies will be there to have her back. With this in mind, Aurora would be a definite support character and the good fairies will help anyway they can. Although, Maleficent’s curse did leave a… side-effect. Aurora has a nasty habit of falling asleep in the middle of battle (well… she Sleeping Beauty for a reason). But don’t worry, her allies will protect until she wakes.

Friends: Since Aurora is a Disney Princess. It would seem fitting that she should be friends with another princess. The one i think she would be friends with the most is Rapunzel. Both were whisked away when they were very young and didn’t know they were royalty until later on. As for her second friend, seeing how eveyone in the city (good or bad) is a dreamer, it could be anyone. But the best match would have to be Alice on the grounds that they are both day-dreamers in every sense.

Enemies: Despite the fact that they never interacted face-to-face, Aurora will hold a bit of a grudge against Maleficent for putting a curse on her in the first place. Another hero that Aurora would not the get along with is Oogie Boogie. When Sleeping Beauty is in the same city with the Boogie-man who is also (if sources are to be believed) “The shadow on the moon at night. Filling your dreams to the brim with fright.” it is a recipe for instant animosity.

Episode 3


Origin: The Jungle Book (1967)

Bio: Kaa is an enormous indian python and a very feared animal in the jungle (next to Shere Khan of course). It not just his size that makes him so feared, it’s his ability to hypnotize anyone with his eyes. Kaa is sneaky, deceitful and would say anything with his soft, alluring voice to gain the trust of his quarry. But Kaa is not a snake without faults. He can be a bit accident-prone and easily distracted which is a few of the reasons that Mowgli always gets away from his coils. Even though Shere Khan can easily intimdiate Kaa (since he is the only one so far that is immuned to Kaa’s hypnosis) and uses the snake to gain information, Kaa is in no way shape or form the tiger’s hench-snake. As a matter of fact, Kaa depises Shere Khan for his reason of revenge against Mowgli rather than following the food chain. So in a way, Kaa is just doing what nature intended.

Possible Gameplay: Due to Kaa’s enormous length and python strength, he can easily be considered as a tank. On the other hand, his ability to hypnotize his pray leans him towards the control category. His hypnosis would probably be a key assest to mastering Kaa. Whereas Jafar, another hero with hypnotic properties, uses his power to make his enemies fight for him, Kaa would just simply stun them to make the fight easier for his allies. And since Kaa uses hypnosis to primarily make people sleepy, they would definetly add the fatigue debuff to such a power.

Friends: Since both have the power of hypnosis at their disposal and a silver tongue, Jafar would be good friend for Kaa (also a more appropriate henchmen for Jafar since Iago betrayed him). For his second friend, it would have to be a victim of some kind. Someone who is naive enough to put their trust in him, susceptible to hypnosis, and not powerful (or menacing) enough to intimidate him. My suggestion would have to be Elsa. She wouldn’t hurt a fly with her powers (on purpose) and trusting enough to fall for for the snake’s ploy. Kaa better hope that Elsa is not ophidiophobic.

Enemies: Since Shere Khan and Scar are similiar in so many ways, Kaa would see an enemy in Scar. Kaa would have pity for little Simba that Scar, Simba’s own uncle, is trying to kill him.

Episode 4


Origin: The Jungle Book (1967)

Bio: Many strange legends are told in the jungles of India. But none so strange as the story of the man-cub named Mowgli. Mowgli was found by the panther Bagheera when he is just a baby and was raised by a pack of wolves. For 10 years Mowgli lived the jungle until his peaceful existence came crashing down from the return of Shere Khan, who hates man with a vengence. One thing became clear, Mowgli had to leave the only home he ever knew and return to his own kind in a nearby man-village. But Mowgli stubbornly insisted that he wanted to stay in jungle. After a few misadventures with some of the residence of the jungle and an encounter with the tiger himself, his future in the jungle was secure (at least, for now). That is until he found a beautiful girl named Shanti, who was fetching water for the village. Enticed by her beauty and lovely voice, Mowgli followed her into the village and the rest was history.

Possible Gameplay: Unlike his live-action counterpart, Mowgli dosen’t have any of his tricks or the red flower (fire) to help him in battle. But that dosen’t mean he’s not totally defenseless. Mowgli’s skillset would probably consist of the help of his jungle friends to back him up. This includes Bagheera, who would function alot like Rajah with Jasmine as an assist character. Colonel Hathi and his Dawn Patrol, who marches into battle trampling creeps underfoot. And the vultures: Buzzy, Flaps, Ziggy, and Dizzy, who would function like the seagulls in Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo’s skillset. With such wild and devastating skills in mind, Mowgli would possibly come into the game as a damage hero.

Friends: Mowgli can’t possibility go anywhere without his Papa Bear by his side. So, a friendship with Baloo is imminent. Another possible friendship he could have is with the Hakuna Matata duo themselves: Timon and Pumbaa. Due to his jungle upbringing, there is a small probability that Mowgli would be friends with any human character. But, one human he would possibly get along with is Peter Pan. Whereas Mowgli sees Baloo as a surrogate father, he would see Peter as something of a big brother as Peter would see Mowgli as a perfect addition to the Lost Boys. Despite the fact that she is not in the game, Wendy would be another possibility. They would have something of a Tarzan/Jane relationship (not romantically of course).

Enemies: Like Kaa, Mowgli would see an enemy in Scar. Depite being no humans in the pride lands, Scar is way too similiar to Shere Khan and would have a real problem with a human living among animals. Another person Mowgli would not get along with is Gaston. Like Wendy would be the Jane to Mowgli’s Tarzan, Gaston would be the Clayton. The only difference would be that Gaston would hunt for sport rather than profit.

Episode 5


Origin: Frozen (2013)

Bio: Optimistic, bubbling with energy, and a bit socially awkward, Anna is the exact opposite of her older sister Elsa. She loves Elsa with all her heart and the two were inseperable when they were little. One night, Elsa accidentally struck Anna with her powers. As a results, Elsa forced herself to hide away from Anna. To pour salt on the wound, Their parents died overseas, leaving Anna all alone for years. But still, Anna dosen’t lose hope on Elsa and tries to rekindle their relationship. But it took an enternal (if not accidental) winter, a frozen heart, and a traitorous prince to accomplish this. After Elsa brought back summer to Arendelle, the adventures did not stop there. Anna and Elsa went to the Enchanted Forest to right a wrong that was made years ago. When Anna and Elsa learned that they are the fifth spirit, the bridge between magic and normality, Elsa abdicated the throne and Anna became queen of Arendelle.

Possible Gameplay: Elsa has her magic to defend herself. Kristoff and Sven have each other backs. And Olaf is… well, Olaf. This begs the question: What does Anna have to offer in the heat of battle? One forumer had the ingenius idea of Anna teaming up with other spirits of the Enchanted Forest. We have wind spirit, Gale, which blows creep away. There is Bruni, the fire spirit, that can torch creeps to a crisp. The earth giants can throw rocks at creeps, crushing them. With spirits at her side and so many effects, Anna would count as a control hero.

Friends: No way is PB going to split up such beautiful relationship between siblings. So, like Wendy with Peter and Mowgli with Baloo, a friendship with Elsa would be a must. Other possibilities of must haves are Kristoff and Sven or Olaf. As for second friend, it need to be someone just as optimistic and bubbly as she is. So it stands to reason that Joy would be their best play. Of course, Mulan would also be a good choice for she and Anna share the sheer determination to keep moving forward no matter what stands in their way.

Enemies: After what happened with Hans, Anna would be a little more weary on who she meets. With that in mind, Gaston would be a perfect adversary to Anna. His approaches toward her would be really annoying (besides, Anna already taken). Hans maybe an manipulative usurper, but let’s face it, no one is worse than Gaston.

Episode 6



Origin: Star Darlings (2015)

Bio: Do you ever wonder what happens to your wish whenever you blow out a candle on a birthday cake or throw a coin in a wishing fountain? Why they go to Starland where a wish granter goes down to Earth (or as they call it Wishworld) to make it come true. That’s where a wishling named Sage comes in. It’s been her dream to attend Starland Accademy and become the best wish granter ever. But fate had other plans for her, as well as eleven other wishlings. When negative wish energy threatens to destroy Starland, the headmistress, Lady Stella, found a prophecy that states that twelve star-scharmed wishling (or Star Darlings) were to go to Earth to grant twelve special wish to save Starland.

Possible Gameplay: Sage is a master at energy manipulation and levitation, which would prove esstential when she is on the battlefield. Her power of levitation could work similiar to Buzz’s anti-gravity belt and trapping creeps in midair. Of course, as a Star Darling, her power over positive wish energy can also be a important assest to her skillset. Sage can use this power to give buffs, health, or energy to her allies. With this is in mind, Sage could be perfect as a support hero.

Friends: Sage can put a smile on anyone’s face. But the two people she could be friends with would have to be Genie and Joy. As a wish granter in training, Sage would be overexcited to find a fellow wish-granter in the city in the form of Genie. Genie would serve as somewhat of a mentor to Sage in Lady Stella’s absence. As for Joy, Sage teaming up with presonfication of happiness would help keep negative wish energy at bay.

Enemies: Anyone that helps fuel negative wishes would really get on Sage’s nerves. But Jafar would pose a serious threat to Sage’s goal. Being a genie himself, Jafar would use negative wish energy to his diabolical end.

Episode 7


Origin: A Bug’s Life (1998)

Bio: As the leader of a gang of grasshoppers, Hopper is as tough as nails and ruthless as it gets. Hopper made a deal with the ants that food must be given to them for the winter. But there is hidden goal to this end, in his mind, nature works like this: The sun grows the food, the ants pick the food, and the grasshoppers eat the food (and the birds eat the grasshopper). To this end, Hopper believe that ants are beneath him. He made it his mission to make their lives a living nightmare so as to keep them in line, knowing that if ants figure out they have strength in numbers, then it was all over for him. As any bug should, Hopper has a fear of birds due to being nearly eaten by a bluejay, which makes the end to his tyranical rule all the more satisfying.

Possible Gameplay: Being a fighter as he is, Hopper would prefer to get upclose and personal with creeps. Hopper would probably be the first into battle going in on the front lines, hitting fast and hard (think the Beast in a grasshopper’s body). Of course, he could have little help from the feral grasshopper, Thumper (not to be confused with the rabbit). To this end, Hopper would come in as a damage hero.

Friends: Hopper’s lust for power would bring in some shady characters. Shan Yu and Davy Jones would be the perfect parnthers for Hopper. Hopper and his gang teaming up with the Hun army or the crew of the Flying Dutchman would be a mixture of amazement and mortal terror. Another one would be Captain Hook for being terrifying villain with a fear of a animal of sorts. For Hopper, it’s birds and for Hook, a certain crocodile might have followed the old codfish to the city.

Enemies: Due to his hostility and bully-like demenor, he may not be a very popular person in the city. But the two (or three if you are counting heads) he would look out for are Timon, Pumbaa, and Oogie Boogie. They might be enemies to Hopper for one reason and one reason only: They! Eat! Bugs! Being eaten by a bird is one thing, but i don’t think Hopper would want to be the appitizer to either a meerkat, a warthog, or a walking potato sack.

Episode 8



Origin: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Bio: Every hero needs a nemesis. Peter Pan has Captain Hook, Merlin has Madam Mim, and Basil get to tango with the nefarious Professor Ratigan. As Basil is the mouse counterpart of Sherlock Holmes, Ratigan is the rat counterpart of Holmes’ nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Ratigan takes his title “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” very seriously, claiming he orchestrated heists such as the Big Ben Caper and the Tower Bridge Job. But unfortunately for him, Basil was always there to put a stop to his evil scheme, never giving Ratigan a moment’s piece of mind. The thing that makes Ratigan so loathsome, is that he oozes charm and civility, trying not to show his true colors: which is a slimy, contemptible sewer rat (which he despises being called).

Possible Gameplay: With Ratigan’s large and muscular body, towering above the other characters in the movie, Ratigan can be classified as a tank hero. As for his skillset, he always has his pet cat, Felicia to help him take down creeps that went and upsetted him. And if the battle dosen’t go the way he wants it to, he can always go feral and rip creeps to shreads with his razor sharp claws.

Friends: Not a corner of the city is safe when Ratigan is at large. But in the criminal underworld, Ratigan can be friends with either Scar, Hades or Yzma. All of them tried to take the throne for themselves coming up with an over the top schemes to get it. Other friends that Ratigan might have is other rivals to heroes like Captain Hook and Madam Mim coming up with ways to destroy their nemsises once and for all.

Enemies: Okay, everybody say it with me… Basil of Baker Street. As Peter and Hook continue their rivalry in the city while fighting the creeps. Whose to say Basil and Ratigan can’t continue theirs? Another person he tried to avoid would obviously be part of the Poilce Department, most notably Judy Hopps or Darkwing Duck. Judy and DW has the persistence and stick-their-nose-where-it-dosen’t-belong attitude that similiar to Basil that Ratigan just would not stand.

Episode 9


Origin: Sofia the First (2012)

Bio: Sofia was once a regular girl and the daughter of Miranda, a widowed cobbler and they both lived in the magical kingdom of Enchancia. Her mother and King Roland fell in love with each other and the two eventually married. In turn, Sofia became a princess and attended a school in order to be a proper royal. King Roland gave Sofia an amulet as a welcoming present. But she learned that her amulet was a magical amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, which gave her magical power such as talking to animals, turning into a mermaid, and summoning other princesses in her hour of need. As she progressed, Sofia became an offical storykeeper, whose job is to give stories a happy ending and a protector of the EverRealm. As she spend time with her new family, she learns a true princess (much like a true hero) comes from how pure the heart is.

Possible Gameplay: Navigating a magical environment is one thing. But for Sofia (much like everyone else), finding her way in a hostile digital enviroment will prove to be a much more difficult task. But at least she still has her amulet to protect her from the Inventor’s machinations. Sofia’s amulet could give allies buff as well as distributing debuffs to the creeps. Her enchlantlet would function as much as Woody’s lasso as she pulls enemies from the back to make them easier targets. With such a refreshing skillset, Sofia the First would fall under the support category.

Friends: Seeing how she met nearly every princess in the franchise, a friendship with at least one of them would be a must as well ad their friends. Another interesting friendship would be Vanellope. Being prefer to be a president rather than a princess, Vanellope would be a democratic counterpart to Sofia’s royal stature.

Enemies: Seeing as she would be friends with the major princesses in disney history, it would make sense that her enemies would have to be the major villains of company in the game so far (Maleficent, Jafar, Scar etc.). They would want Sofia’s amulet to use for their own evil plans to take over the city. Well, seeing that Sofia has dealt with every magic threat that was ever thrown at her, i think we all would like to see them try.

Episode 10


Origin: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Bio: Clopin explains Judge Claude Frollo’s goal and motives the best

Clopin: Judge Claude Frollo longed to purge the world of vice and sin. And he saw corruption everywhere except within."

Frollo is the justice minister of Paris and is considered one of Disney darkest villain. And for good reason, he kills a mother onscreen and nearly drowns her deformed baby (yeah… this guy is no joke). Frollo spent years convicting gyspy for living outside “normal order”. He excuses his actions by saying the are of God’s will (riiight, keep telling yourself that Claude). When the gypsy Esmerelda stirred things up at the Festival of Fools, that when Frollo’s sanity went down the drain. He started to burn Paris to the ground looking for her going as far as burning a house with the family still inside. But don’t worry, Frollo gets his just desserts when all of Paris revolted and Frollo fell to his doom.

Possible Gameplay: On the battlefield, Frollo is judge, jury, and executioner. He would one of few heroes that would possess a skill that would do true damage. Besides that, Frollo would just simply distrbute debuff to his enemy to keep balance and order for his allies. Since he might take control of the battle, Frollo would count as an control hero.

Friends: The cloest friend that uses magic Frollo might have is Hades. Being the god of the Underworld, Hades is as close to God as Frollo is ever going to get. Other friends just have to be cruel or as quick to ask for punishment as he is. With this in mind, it woul have to be either Captain Hook, Shan Yu, or The Queen of Hearts (with the Queen of Hearts, it just makes sense that way).

Enemies: With the city populated with so many talking animals (and toys), mythical creatures, and magic users, Frollo might not be a popular person to heroes and villains alike (if he was popular at all). But the biggest enemy he might have is Vanellope. Her homeless like attire and her ability to glitch from one place to another would, in Frollo’s eyes, classify her as a gyspy. Another person that Frollo would definetly not get along with Elsa. Since Elsa has powerful control over ice and snow, Frollo would definetly have immidiate animosity toward the snow queen classifying her as a demon in mortal coils. I’m not so sure if Elsa’s magic or warm hugs are going to be enough to put out Frollo’s hellfire.

Episode 11


Madam Leota

Origin: The Haunted Mansion (1969)

Bio: Out of all the 999 happy haunts that reside in the Haunted Mansion, the most mysterious and most poweful is Madam Leota. A literal talking head inside of a crystal ball that serves as the mansion’s medium. As such, the Ghost Host describes her as having a remarkable head for materalizing the disembodied. In other words, she helps ghosts that are having trouble getting through to the world of the living. As to weither she is good or evil, it varies with the situation as she (like the other residents of the ghostly retreat) is shrouded in mystery.

Possible Gameplay: Many forumer have consider haunts such as the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the Hatbox Ghost to be a representive for the Haunted Mansion. But, Madam Leota shows that she is a spirit of supernatural power. For her skillset, Leota can summons other prominent ghosts such as the aforementioned spirits to bring the creeps a swinging wake. The Hitchiking Ghosts can do what they do best and select creeps to fill their quota by taking control of them. The Hatbox Ghost can lend a hand by reviving her a help her get… a head. So, by establishing contact with her fellow ghosts, she would delightfully go into the control category.

Friends: Leota’s would draw in a crowd of the supernatural and spooky sort. With this in mind, Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie would be approiate choices for friends. Since both of these heroes have a connection to the other side and have a fortune teller vibe going on, Dr. Facilier would be also be a good choice to be Leota’s friend.

Enemies: In this case, i’ll use the term enemies loosely, but there are people that might avoid Leota for her overall spookiness. For one thing, Joy and Anger would try to avoid the medium. Being emotions for an 11 year old, Joy and Anger may find Leota letting the spirits of the dead into the city a little unsettling and a bit creepy. Same goes for Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore. If imaginary ghost (or as they call ghosts: spookables) scares them to death (no pun intended), imagine them coming face-to-face with Leota or any of the other grim grinning ghosts.

Episode 12



Origin: Country Bear Jamboree (1971)

Bio: Henry is the MC of a band known as The Country Bears. Leaving his football career behind, he began to persue a career in music with Sammy, his live racoon that lives in his hat. His goal is simple: Keep the audience in stitches and introduces the acts of the show. The other acts of the Country Bears include: pianist, Gomer, the in-house band, the Five Bear Rugs, mandline player, Wendell, Trixie the Lonesome Loser, Elvis impersonator, Liver Lips McGrowl, The Sun Bonnet Trio, Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah. Earnest “the Dude”, Terrance (or Shaker to some), The last of the big time swingers: Teddy Barra, and sour note playing Big Al. Together they make one big happy family and the audience is in for a fun time (with a comment or two from a few mounted heads).

Possible Gameplay: Much like Miguel, Henry would be a hero that uses the power of music to give aid to his allies. But don’t worry, The Country Bears will also help out as Henry introduces them and gives the battlefield a bit of a Americana touch. With Henry harmonizing with the allies making sure his allies have the strength they need, Henry will have to be in the Support category.

Friends: Henry might be friends with Miguel or Animal. With very little music based heroes in the city, Miguel and Animal might join these bruins for a show or two to keep hope alive for the other heroes. Henry might also find some beary friendly friends in Baloo and Winnie the Pooh finding some new additions to the band (until they get back home that is).

Enemies: Well more friendly rival rather than enemy, but Powerline could serve as that to Henry. Both being from completely different types of music, Powerline’s flashy, over-the-top, funky beats would definietly clash with the Country Bears’ more laid-back, slow country beat. Another friendly rival would have to be King Louie. Again, both being of very different music genre, the king of the jungle swinger would definitely prove be a challenge for bears’ musical heritage of the past. But rest assure, these three genre have got a lot to give to the city.

Episode 13


Origin: Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Bio: Lilo Palikali lives in Hawaii with her older sister, Nani. Lilo is an endearing oddball who nobody her own age understands and often the victim of teasing and ostracism. But her lonely world turned around when she got a dog from the pound and named it Stitch. In reality, Stitch is a genetic experiment created by evil genius Jumba and is being hunted down by Jumba and Pleakley. But at end of it all, Lilo considers the three aliens her Ohana meaning family and family means nobody gets behind or forgotten.

Possible Gameplay: Much like Mowgli and Anna, Lilo can use Stitch’s cousins as back up. There are about 624 different options that developers can choose from. To name a few, Richter can create earthquake that can cause major damage. Swirly can function like Kaa’s hypnosis and stun enemies. Slushy can freeze enemies, Sparky can add charge debuff like Megavolt, and… well, you get the idea. With a certain combination of experiments they put in, Lilo could qualify as either a control or a damage hero.

Friends: Apart from an imminet friendship with either Stitch, Jumba, or Pleakley, Lilo can be friends with fellow misfits Ralph and Vanellope. Lilo can be in sync with Ralph and Vanellope since they were considered outcast among their games. Another person Lilo would be friends with is Alice. They are both paculiar in their own right and each having a paculiar way of thinking.

Enemies: Since neither Gantu or Hamsterveil are in the game, you think Lilo’s time in the city in the city is going to be fine right? Not in this case. In my opinion, Lilo could find an (if not accidental) enemy in the Queen of Hearts. Lilo or Stitch (most likely the latter) would do something that would make the Queen of Hearts lose her temper and quickly ask for their heads. Or Gaston could also serve as another enemy for Lilo on the grounds that he might hunt Stitch (big mistake on Gaston’s part since Stitch is bullet-proof).

Opinions and feedback are appreciated


No offense, but these are basically character concepts jazzed up. I will enjoy hearing your thoughts on what they look like, but this topic just does not feel needed as everyone has their own thoughts on different characters.


Actually, it’s more along the lines of a summary than a concept.

That is also true. Care to share who you plan to add next?

I would change the name of the topic.

Maybe: Disney character databased.

Since using the word Disney heroes:Disney heroes databased it’s more apropiert for heroes that are in the official(unoficial) databased Wakkatu or just that a hero is in the files.

Apart from that. I like what I saw.

If you really like to know… these are not in any spesific order.

Shere Khan
Mother Gothel
King Fergus

And much more. Of course i’m open for suggestions


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I get the feeling that none is really intrested in this. What can i do to make this more interesting?

Idk, I’m already very interested

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But maybe you can take requests to do them or something like that

I did say i was open for suggestion.


I do have a suggestion, ratigan

Next to that, i may have another idea that would make this more interesting

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