Disney Heroes as the Major Arcana

Introduction: (WARNING: long read)

What I’d like to present here is the Major Arcana, a series of cards from the Tarot Deck that represents significant life lessons. The Major Arcana presents to us a new and fascinating way of understanding people and ourselves. Most of us who play Disney Heroes would probably agree that Disney movies, shows, and the characters especially have had a huge impact in our lives. So if you’re willing to stick with me in this fun and fascinating discussion, I’d like to exemplify how the Major Arcana relates to the characters that are playable in this game. And perhaps if you understand the direction of where this is going, you may start to understand how the Major Arcana applies to your life and the relationships you have in it! Some of us may have heard of the Major Arcana is other ways—maybe you’ve encountered an actual Tarot Deck before, or perhaps you’ve played some games that touched on this topic, or have seen a show that had the Arcana’s themes in some way, or maybe it’s because you found them within these forums.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m treading a lot of grey area here and that I’m really stretching it. What I’m about to talk about has nothing to do with feedback on the game’s issues/successes, has nothing to do with the mechanics of how game modes function, or even an attempt on opening a speculative discussion on future hero additions. Rather, I’m using the playable characters in this game as a means to showcase the meaning of the Major Arcana. If for any reason, this kind of discussion is not allowed, then you guys can shut this down. But as long as this remains open, I’d like to move forward and present to everyone Disney Heroes and the Major Arcana.

The Heroes:

  • Ralph: The Tower

  • Elastigirl: The Empress

  • Frozone: Temperance

  • Vanellope: The Chariot

  • Yax: Temperance

  • Fix-it-Felix Jr.: The Sun

  • Calhoun: The Chariot

  • Mr. Incredible: The Emperor

  • Violet: The Hermit

  • Dash: The Chariot

  • Jack-Jack: The Fool

  • Judy: Justice

  • Nick: The Moon

  • Chief Bogo: The Emperor

  • Finnick: The Moon

  • Woody: The Emperor

  • Buzz Lightyear: The Emperor

  • Emperor Zurg: The Emperor

  • Rex: The Fool

  • Jack Sparrow: Wheel of Fortune

  • Sulley & Boo: The Emperor (Sulley)/The Fool (Boo)

  • Mike Wazowski: The Magician

  • WALL-E: The Fool

  • EVE: The Chariot

  • Jessie: The Chariot

  • Kevin Flynn: Temperance

  • Quorra: Wheel of Fortune

  • Captain Hector Barbossa: The Devil

  • Tia Dalma: The Moon

  • Maui: The Chariot

  • Merida: The Chariot

  • Stitch: The Fool

  • Moana: Judgement

  • Aladdin: Wheel of Fortune

  • The Genie: The World

  • Hiro: The Magician

  • Baymax: Temperance

  • Miguel: The Magician

  • Hades: The Devil

  • Maleficent: The Tower

  • Scar: The Moon

  • Mickey Mouse: The World

  • Ursula: The Devil

  • Jack Skellington: The Star

  • Sally: The High Priestess

  • Shank: The Chariot

  • Elsa: Death

  • Olaf: The Fool

  • Darkwing Duck: The Moon

  • Gaston: The Emperor

  • Alice: Wheel of Fortune

  • The Mad Hatter: The Moon

  • The Queen of Hearts: The Tower

  • Hercules: Strength

  • Megara: The Lovers

  • Merlin: The Hierophant

  • Robin Hood: Wheel of Fortune

  • Goofy: The Fool

  • Duke Caboom: The Star


The Major Arcana:


This is the Major Arcana and their meanings. To keep things simple, each Arcana is summarized in a few key words or phrases. Also note that the Arcana will also have its designated numerical order.

0-The Fool: Innocence, New Beginnings, Recklessness, Naivety

I-The Magician: Willpower, Creativity, Manifestation, Resourcefulness

II-The High Priestess: Intuition, Intelligence, Education, Foresight

III-The Empress: Motherhood, Femininity, Abundance, Protection

IV-The Emperor: Fatherhood, Masculinity, Authority, Control

V-The Hierophant: Tradition, Guidance, Counsel, Structure

VI-The Lovers: Relationships, Romance, Unity, Crossroads

VII-The Chariot: Victory, Aggression, Competition, Rebelion

VIII-Strength: Power, Self-Control, Resilience, Courage

IX-The Hermit: Isolation, Self-Reflection, Philosophy, Perspective

X-Wheel of Fortune: Destiny, Fate, Luck, Coincidences

XI-Justice: Righteousness, Fairness, Truth, Logic

XII-The Hanged Man: Self-Sacrifice, Responsibility, Reliability, Burdens

XIII-Death: Transformation, Transition, Change, Endings

XIV-Temperance: Moderation, Balance, Freedom, Acceptance

XV-The Devil: Desires, Indulgence, Temptation, Bondage

XVI-The Tower: Disaster, Calamity, Upheaval, Fall from Grace

XVII-The Star: Inspiration, Hope, Wishes, Faith

XVIII-The Moon: Insanity, Mystery, Duplicity, Dreams

XIX-The Sun: Positivity, Light, Fun, Wealth

XX-Judgement: Awakening, Purpose, Certainty, Clarity

XXI-The World: Completion, Fulfilment, Accomplishment, Travel


Many of the characters, especially the more complex ones, can be identified with multiple Arcana traits. For example, while I’ve identified Elsa with Death, she is also greatly identifiable with The Magician and The Hermit. The same can be said with people in real life. You’re very likely to have a deeper connection to three or so Arcana that serve as the foundation of who you are as an individual.