Aurora Veil’s Master Collection

Just links of all the guides and character concepts I’ve made in these forums.

Princess Concepts

Donald Duck Concept

Goofy Concept

Simba Concept

Prince Philip Concept

Wreck-It-Ralph Team Guide

Hercules Team Guide

Chronological Character Release Guide

Shield Analysis

Improving Inconsistent Heroes



Aqua Concept

Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts) Concept

Goofy (Kingdom Hearts) Concept

Sora Concept

Kairi Concept

Disney Heroes as the Major Arcana


Prince Phillip?! That’s someone I’d definitely be interested in seeing in the game. I really hope they bring in some less popular Disney characters eventually.

From what I inderstand, Tron was kinda unpopular? Or did I misunderstand that?

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I think so. I never even heard of Tron until I saw quorra and Kevin in this game and I’m one who’s seen most Disney movie. Lol but I was referring to sidekicks in films or shows and less popular movies alike. Although I’m STILL mad they picked Tia over Davey Jones after picking 2 other pirates lol

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Idk I think a octopus thing that can only be killed by having his heart stabbed from tue box it was taken from and then, the person who stabbed it must replace it with their own heart…maybe should not be in this game???

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Well, they don’t kill each other in the game, they knock out enemies:D


did he ever get “knocked out” in the movie(s)??

Don’t remember, but I guess it’s possible. Some characters of the game (Mostly villains) just become sad instead of falling or whatever. Just make him sad and you win:D

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…doesnt he have an awful temper problem. Him getting sad, would prolly make hom mad… :thinking:

LOL I think it would be epic


EDIT: added Shield Analysis