Disney Heroes: Battle Mode stories by Prince Tamatoa III: Episode 8

I’m back! And I have a challenge for everyone. The mission is called :point_down:

Episode 8: A planned date for Bo Peep and Woody

Before I start, these interactive episodes like this one will go like this: I’ll explain the situation and you choose what to do. And based on your choices, we’ll change the plot of the story. If it’s a bad ending, GAME OVER. If you finish the good story, congrats! If you choose to replay, you have to get a strike before replaying. Everyone can get max. 3 strikes per episode replayed. If you run out, that is the end! Have fun exploring and spoilers are available after the ending is released!

Now, let’s begin.

Woody is thinking of what to do for his day date with Bo Peep. But he doesn’t know what to do. He has picked up a tour brochure and it has the details of the tour like exploring some nearby offshore islands, going for entertainment at a mystery venue. It will finally end off with the night at the city center. What you do know of Bo Peep is that she has already know almost every street at the City Center and Sunset Bay. And that she wants no limits.

What do you think Woody should choose?

  • A planned tour
  • A free and easy trip

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Oh, and a note. A tie will allow another person to vote to break the evenness.

Here is the episodes you missed out on:


This is the new update, if you are not informed:

Dear forum users, please start voting! Otherwise, if no one comes in to break the evenness, I’ll do it.

Update: Woody now sends you a message about expenses for the trip. He also said that he will be going for a 2 days 1 night exploring trip. Do you choose:

  • Limit expenses in every way
  • Don’t limit expenses and be free

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Note: Certain parts of the text above are meant to be a hint or evidence.

Message: I got a offer from a company that can help to sponsor and promote this challenge. The next few episodes will feature this challenge! Now, u can choose which couples to feature. Send me who u wish to see!

Update: Woody thanks for your advice, since he just won the City lottery with $10,000 cash and he had enough balance in his credit card. He joked that Bo would be mad if he was stingy with his money. He then asks you about transport. Given that you know a lot about the City transport system and that they haven’t explored some off-shore islands, which mode of Transport do u suggest?

  • Train Trip (focus on 1 line)
  • Bus Trip (from A to B)
  • Cruise (that ports at islands)
  • The best of both worlds (Bus+ Train to a destination)

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Dear forum users, please start voting! Otherwise, if no one comes in to break the evenness, I’ll decide the next part.

Urgent message: Woody now sends u some pics of a cruise vacation that Bo Peep and Woody took on a previous trip. Should they still go for a cruise?

  • Yes
  • No (If no, return to previous menu)

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Update: You insisted that your decision is better and Woody sighs and replies “fine”. You then came across two cruise advertisements. One had a deal where it had better facilities but it went to a place that the couple had already been to. The other had facilities that were just average. But this cruise goes to a new destination and is cheaper. We’ll call these two deals A and B respectively. Which cruise deal should they purchase given that both cruises have the same schedule? (After leaving the city dock at afternoon, the ship docks at the island the next morning and leaves the island in the afternoon and arrives back at the city Sunset Bay Beach at the next morning. This is the schedule for both cruises)

  • A
  • B

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Update: Woody says that he chose the more expensive cruise and Bo loves it! The food is delicious, and the arcade games were fun and interesting, just like life back at the carnival. So far, so good.

Now, they finally docked at the island. They were told at the information centre that there were some famous attractions like the Forest Trail, the Mirror Maze, a seaside café and a Flower Garden. What should they do?

  • Flower Garden
  • Forest Trail
  • Mirror Maze
  • Café
  • Stay on the Cruise Ship

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Update: Woody and Bo went exploring around the mirror maze. And they got lost. After 12 hours, they had finally got out. But the cruise ship had already left an hour ago. They had to wait for the next boat back to the city but they lost some of their valuables on the ship while trying to recover what was left in their rooms. Bo Peep was mad with Woody for choosing this activity and she left angrily, close to raging.


To retry, say “Restart”. You can still change the story! This isn’t the end of the world.

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