Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Wiki!


I’m working on compiling all the information of this game into a wiki over at https://disneyheroesbattlemode.wikia.com - if you’re interested in helping, feel free to edit as much as you want. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this will check it out :smiley:


Looks sick dude! I will check on this site often. :slight_smile:


If you need some info, don’ hesitate to take a look at the helper I’ve made, and grab everything you want to the wiki - http://dh.bezumn.ru

Eve vs buzz

Looks great! I’m not really handy with Wiki site editing tools, otherwise I’d help with all the Zootopia characters :slight_smile:


Cheers mate will check this out thanks again maan


Hey, @AlexeiD, can I put in the info based on your Plan Helper in the Disney Heroes Wiki? I’ll make sure to state the source.


Sure you’re free to post links or direct info, as long as you mention the source


Thanks, I’ll do my best.