Best concepts

This is for the most helpful things I have found on the forums. So this may be for new people or older. It may be the best hero ideas etc
This is super helpful sadly the person who made it has not bin online in a long Tim e but he will be known.

@Kinokan is one of the best hero makers on the forums you should all give him support to him.

Very helpful this is how I do my city watches he teaches ya a lot about it I think you should check it out.

This is to know when all updates came out nice thing to read, I love it.

If your new this is the place for sure,

Wanna go to the Disney heroes battle mode wiki? Well here ya go!

Wanna use @discobot? I know I do, come and use him for all ya need.

Guild War Overview

Well you can get it by the name I bet!

Wanna learn about game mods I do!

More coming super soon!


These are definitely some great posts. I hope this thread stays up long enough for some more great posts to be linked on here.


There will be just looking for the best ones.

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Aaah, Kinokan’s concepts r the bomb! :grin:


Thanks for the love guys. Glad people enjoy my concepts! :smile:


Hey, ur welcome. I have to give ur concepts a 11 out of 10. Ur skills r absolutely creative. Even I don’t think I can do dat.

Huge update come and look!

Oof I am flattered…dies discobot need to be on that list?? Ok whutever… :grin::relieved:

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Wait what is this a bout

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