Disney Heroes: Heroes VS Creeps concepts!

Please keep all characters Disney or Pixar! And the same format as usual!


They have to be in DHBM?

Nope! It can be characters that don’t have their IP I’m game too. But like I said,


Haven’t played this in a while, but here’s a concept:


White Skill: Laser Light Show
Powerline unleashes a light show, dealing 4 damage to all enemies. This deals 2 more damage with each subsequent use.
(Cool Down: 2 turns)

Green Skill: Stand Out
Powerline uses his electric ball that he enters his concert with, giving himself a shield that has 10 HP. When the shield is destroyed, it shatters and deals 5 damage to all enemies and blinds 2 random enemies for 2 turns. Blinded enemies have a chance to fail at using a skill or basic attack.
(Cool Down: 3 turns)

Blue Skill: Eye-To-Eye
Powerline uses his sweet dance moves to charm an enemy for 1 turn.
(Cool Down 4 turns)

Purple Skill: Smooth Moves
Each time a blinded enemy misses an attack or skill, Powerline heals 5 HP.

Max HP: 35
Basic Damage: 4


Can we make concepts of characters from the parks?

Here’s a concept that I recently did for the most recent addition to the dhbm roster that I originally did on the update post

(Gold crate)

White: Colors of the wind

Pocahontas heals all allies for X amount and gives all allies X shield.

Whenever Pocahontas gains more than 2 buffs, all allies heal themselves every 2 turns.

(Cooldown: 4)

Green: Meeko

Meeko scratches the target enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy, stealing 2 buffs from the enemy and giving them to the weakest ally

(Cooldown: 2)

Blue: Flit

Flit flies at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and healing the ally with the lowest HP for X amount.

(Cooldown: 2)

Yes! Go right ahead!

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(Gold crate)

White: One Little Spark

Figment imagines an X shield for the weakest ally

(Cooldown: 1)

Green: Royal Purple Pigment

Figment flies toward an enemy dealing X damage

(Cooldown: 2)

Blue: Imagination

Figment uses an enemies’s blue skill at random

(Cooldown: 5)

I hope I did this correctly. He may be OP, idk. The blue skill is inspired by his DEB power.

@Kasicle , did I do it correctly? :sweat_smile:
This is my first concept (both HvC and DH), so if I did something wrong, let me know.

Liar! What hapened with the coleslaw concept, matey?!

Ay, that was just copied from patch notes and I changed the names lol


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There is no way to do it wrong. And I’ll probably use it too!

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Glad you liked it. I may make a few more Park concepts, but will definitely space them out…

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Here some concepts of some creeps (remember that I use google translator :d)



White: Batter
The brute strikes an enemy, dealing 4 of damage.
Green: Cricket bat
The brute uses his cricket bat to take cover himself and take -3 damage from enemies attacks for 1 turn.
Blue: Home Run
every 1 out of 3 times the Brute takes damage he will dodge it with his cricket bat
(This triggers the first time you take damage)

Max HP:



White: Metal bite
The mecaraptor bites an enemy dealing 4 damage
Green: Last breath
When Mecaraptors are defeated, they explode and deals 8 of damage to all enemies
Blue: Factory defective
Mecaraptors deal themselves 8 damage per turn

Max HP:



White: Stab-let
The Ninja stab an enemy, dealing 3 of damage
Green: Spin Sword
The ninja spins his sword, increasing the damage the Creeps do by 3 while alive.
(Use at the start of combat / when summoned)
Blue: Being Cutting
When the ninja damages an enemy, he also deals damage per turn equal to 10% of enemies max HP (minimum 3 damage) per turn for 3 turns

Max HP:



White: Trows balls
The mage throws 2 magic balls at 2 enemies, dealing 2 damage each ball
Green: Heal speel
The mage uses a trick which causes the creeps to heal for 3 HP each turn while alive
(Use at the start of combat / when summoned)
Blue: Healing damage
When the mage damages an enemy, he heals himself for the same amount

Max HP:

Extra Comments
  1. The blue skills did not know whether to do them or not since there are creeps that they have (Coldsnapper) and others that do not, so I left them crossed out (Maybe to do a difficult combat type in which the blue skills are active)

  2. With “Common” I mean they are creeps of the Common type (which can be summoned by the Mama bot)

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