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Update 2

Characters from Big Hero 6 join the battle. + New effects.


White: On a scale?
Baymax will ask a ally if they are good. If they are lower then 50% of their max HP he will heal them 14 HP
(Only be used once)
Green: Fist bump
Baymax will give a enemy a fist bump dealing 5 damage.
(Cool down late 1 turn)
Blue: Safety
If a enemy deals 7 damage or more baymax will give a ally a shield that has 6 HP.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns.)


White: Fire breath
Fred will jump into the air and breath fire burning a enemy for 2 turns. The damage will be 5 damage.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: school mascot
If Fred falls below his max HP he will put up a “Halp” sign which makes him get a shield with 7 HP
(Only used once.)
Blue: Just a suit
If Fred gets K.Oed he will come back and dodge any attacks on him for 3 turns.
(Can only be used 1 time.)

Max HP: 42
Basic damage: 6

**Gogo tomago

White: Speed ride
Gogo will skate towards a enemy dealing 8 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)
Green: To fast.
Gogo will dodge the next attack on her. After she dodges she will deal 4 damage back and 1 damage if the attack was 1-6 and 3 more if it was any more damage.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Blue: Women up.
Gogo is immune to any negative effects.

Max HP: 32
Basic damage: 5


White: Blade attack
Wasabi will slice at a enemy dealing 6 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Green: Everything in place
Any effects will be disabled on his team. And he can disable taunts.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Blue: Energy blades
“Blade attack” canbe doubled in damage by 3% dealing 9 damage.
(Must fight for 6 turns)

Max HP: 46
Basic damage: 4

Hiro Hamada

White: Time for a upgrade
Heals give 5 more HP and shield.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns)
Green: New tech,
Hiro will give the ally with the least HP “Devise” which gives them 7 HP and 2 HP over time.
(Can only be given 1 time.)
Blue: Magnetic hands.
Hiro will give a enemy "downgrade " for 2 turns to the enemy with lowest HP
(Cool down last 6 turns.
Purple: Team leader
Hiro will take 2 damage from any attack to allies.

Max HP: 51
Basic damage: 4

Honey lemon

White: Chemical reaction.
Honey lemon with throw a pink ball at a enemy that will stay near them during the battle. Over time each enemy will take 2 damage.
(Can only be used once.)
Green: Gummy Bunny
Honey Lennon will turn into her jelly like substance and stay in it, when he is in it o debuffs can be caused and she come out with a shield that has 4 HP.
(Cool down lasts 7 turns)
Blue: Freeze ball.
Honey lemon will throw a ice ball that freezes a enemy for 2 turns.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
“Chemical reaction” will deal 2 more damage overtime.
(Must fight for 7 turns. And can be used once)

Max HP: 37
Basic damage: 2

New effects have been added!

New updates coming soon!


Yes Please, If U wont mind

While I wait for Imagineer:

(Gold Crate)

White: Bullseye
Woody marks an enemy with a bullseye, removing Taunt. The enemy takes double damage from the next attack to hit them.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Green: Favorite Deputy
Woody deputizes an ally, Inspiring them for 1 turn and healing 4 HP. Inspired heroes can attack a second time if their attacks crit.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Blue: Lasso
Woody lassos an enemy and ties them up, dealing 6 damage and stunning them for 1 turn.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Max HP: 40
Basic Damage: 4


Group war preparation has begun! Join a group before it starts!

No update at this minute. But some important changes that will change the gameplay heavily.

  • Rewards will be buffed by a lot. Making it easier for people to get gold, characters and diamonds!
  • Gameplay from every battle will be changed. I see that battles are boring and time wasting. It shouldn’t take a few days for one battle, I am still looking for something that will make it better. I future update on that will be out soon hopefully.
  • Levels will be implemented into the game. Making it so other characters will be better then others in battles with stats. This will take a lot of time to make. Even more so if I want the game to be not as grind heavy.
  • New modes?
    Yes! Future updates will add new, cool modes for more ways to level up and get Exclusive Heroes!

Feedback is wanted,

New characters will come out soon too!

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